Six questions to ask your potential office cleaning company

Six questions to ask your potential office cleaning company

Keeping your office clean and tidy is essential for productivity, staff satisfaction and giving a good impression to your customers. Rather than taking on the workload yourself, you might wish to employ an office cleaning company to ensure your space stays sparkling.

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Before you find the right company, it is essential to do some research to ensure you are getting the service you require. Here are six questions to ask a potential cleaning company:

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Are you insured?

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is important that any cleaners have undertaken a risk assessment and have relevant insurance. In addition to preventing injuries to staff, you should make sure that the cleaning company is insured to pay for any costs involved if equipment is damaged.

What do you charge?

Those looking for office cleaning in Cheltenham will probably have cost at the front of their minds. Do some research and compare local companies to ensure you are paying a competitive rate.

Are you reputable?

Do a search on the company before making any commitments. Check online reviews and ask around to ensure that the company you are employing is reputable and has a good attitude to customer service.

When can you work?

The last thing you want is someone trying to clean around you or your customers while you are hard at work. You will need to ensure that whoever you employ can fit in with your needs when they come to clean your office. Cleaning companies such as Intocleaning have flexible hours and are often available to work at any time of the day or night, ensuring your office is cleaned when it is convenient for you.

Are you environmentally friendly?

If you are environmentally conscious, it may be important to you to find out that the company you would like to use ensures its products are eco-friendly. Simply ask what products and supplies they use for their cleaning.

How are your employees trained?

Make sure you ask about the employees of the cleaning company before you employ anyone to maintain your office space. Are the workers trained in commercial cleaning and are they legally allowed to work in the UK? Are they trustworthy, and will they be able to commit to maintaining your office space?