Proper Education Of The Daughter

Proper Education Of The Daughter

Raising a daughter is never easy. Each girl has her own character and characteristics. It is necessary to take into account many factors, pay attention to hobbies and avoid psychological pressure on the child. Proper education of the daughter requires strength and patience.

To make the relationship more trusting psychologists recommend:

  • To be an example. When a child sees a happy, athletic and caring mother, the desire to imitate her wakes up.
  • Do not overdo it with different sections and circles. Let her choose what to do.
  • Constantly say compliments, praise for good deeds. This way you can affect the love of a girl to herself.
  • Always listen to the baby.
  • Direct, but do not impose. This approach can be used in school, showing what prospects await in the event of successful graduation from school, but do not require receiving only the highest score.

The most difficult relationship between parents and daughter develop in the range from 10 to 15 years.

Proper Education Of The Daughter

Transition age in girls

Under the transition, most often imply a period of puberty. At this time, not only physiological changes occur, but also psychological ones. As a result of such processes, mood swings, rudeness, depression, and isolation may occur. The first thing that reflects the transitional age – dissatisfaction with their appearance. Girls begin to look for flaws in themselves, often focusing on the figure. Every extra kilogram seems terrible, and she starts to diet and fasting. Parents should pay attention to this in order to avoid future health problems with the child.

Just a vivid example of this stage of maturation is considered to be the role of an adult. It is during this period that bad habits can appear the desire to walk till night and argue with older people.

To minimize the negative effects of transitional age, you need to ensure that the girl slept enough, fully ate, and engaged in physical exertion. You should not resort to sharp criticism of her behavior and to strict prohibitions. This will only aggravate the situation. It is better than the house was calm and mutual understanding because the girl is also difficult.

Proper Education Of The Daughter

Adolescent difficulties

The problems of this period concern both girls and boys. Adolescence is often called the age of rebellion. It was at this time that children quarrel with their parents as much as possible, stop obeying and often stop learning well. This, of course, concerns not all. There are those for whom these years pass simply enough and do not cause any particular difficulties, but still, more than 50% are prone to unstable moods and protests.

Adolescents most often already understand that adults have more rights, and they constantly prove to everyone that these are now their rights. But few people think about responsibilities. It seems to them that they can already do whatever they want, and their parents only interfere with their freedom in their teachings. Here it is important that mom and dad find the right approach. It is best to become a friend for your child, try to support and take care.

Raising a child is a big responsibility. Is it difficult to raise a boy?

Proper Education Of The Daughter

Proper education of the son

The best way to grow a decent man is to have an example to follow. If a boy sees a number of a successful, strong and intelligent father, then he will adopt at least some of his qualities. But it is not scary if the mother raises the child alone. She, too, can show on whom to be equal, these are the heroes of the books, and acquaintances and public figures. Proper upbringing of a son implies:

  • Since childhood, invest respect for women and people in general.
  • Instill a sense of autonomy, from cleaning toys to school.
  • To praise and support the child in all endeavors.
  • To teach the rules of behavior in society.
  • Engage in the physical education of his son.

It is very important for any child to feel love and care. The duty of any parents to grow an independent person, the main thing is to give it enough time