How to become a better warehouse manager

How to become a better warehouse manager

A warehouse manager needs to have the skills and training necessary to ensure that the workload is handled appropriately and safely whilst ensuring that team members are fully committed to the work in hand. This isn’t always as easy as it might seem, but the following pointers will help to improve your ability to handle the responsibility of your position.

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According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, effective communication helps to build positive team relationships in addition to preventing conflict, building relationships and promoting innovation and creativity. This does not just apply to office-based workers; for example, warehouse teams need to be kept up to date about anything within the business that affects them.

Weekly meetings are a good starting point, during which upcoming shipments and orders can be dealt with, along with any issues that have arisen within the warehouse. Keeping your team informed about events within the company helps staff to feel included, promoting loyalty towards the company and potentially increasing productivity.

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Ability to delegate

Many warehouse roles involve particular training or skills, so knowing who to approach to tackle a particular duty is important. The person with the highest qualifications is not always the best person for a role; for example, it can sometimes be more appropriate to select a candidate who possesses the right attitude for the work.

Good organisational skills

A well-laid out warehouse is so much easier to navigate than one that has grown haphazardly, so make sure that goods and shipments are organised in the most appropriate way. A restructuring exercise can be the best way to get things in good order, so spend time assessing the way the warehouse operates and arrange things accordingly. When it comes to industrial shelving Ireland is a good starting point, with companies such as providing an excellent range of options designed to make warehouse storage as manageable as possible.

Effective staff training

Warehouses can be dangerous places, so it is important to ensure that all members of your team are up to speed with the latest health and safety information. Team members should be put forward for regular training sessions to update their skills, which not only helps them to feel more committed to the workplace but also increases their future job prospects.