All About Spaghetti

All About Spaghetti

Nothing says Italian cuisine quite like a bowl of spaghetti. When people talk of Italian food, it’s often the first image that comes to mind. It’s easy on the budget, easy to cook and is a great nutritional option for a family meal. Here are some of the different ways to cook this versatile old favourite:

Slow Cook

Spaghetti is super easy to cook but it does need some supervision or else the sauce ends up bubbling over the side of the pan or it all sticks together. For these reasons, the slow cooker is a perfect option. You can prep your food, then leave it for the slow cooker to do its magic without watching it. Most of the cooking time will be for the meat, sauce and any veggies you want, while you add in the uncooked spaghetti for the last 20-25 minutes. Ensure the spaghetti is completely covered by the sauce and you’ll end up with a delicious al dente spaghetti.

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Pizza Style

No, this doesn’t mean pouring your spaghetti over a pizza, unless that’s what you want to do! It’s more of a casserole-type dish of spaghetti, meat, sauce and melted cheese on the top to give the appearance of a pizza. Once cooked, you can even add your own favourite pizza toppings, such as pepperoni for example. It’s a real family pleaser and perfect comfort food.

Creamy Spaghetti

Whatever your favourite spaghetti dish is, you can switch it up a little and make a creamy, rich version. Prepare your fave dish as you would normally would, then stir in some cream cheese. It will take the edge of the tangy tomato taste and give it a deliciously indulgent creamy texture. If all this talk of food has made you hunger for some Italian dining, then consider visiting Italian restaurants in Dublin. Forno 500 is a top Italian restaurant Dublin that can serve you up something delicious tonight.

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If you feel like a break from all those tomatoes, spaghetti can also be served in a carbonara sauce that consists of cheese, bacon, pasta, meat and optional peas. Try it with salmon for a refreshing twist. The cream and the bacon make it an indulgent combination you’ll fall in love with.

Meatballs and Pesto

Pesto is another Italian experience too delicious to miss. Try adding a little pesto to the top of your spaghetti with a dash of olive oil and you’ll be in heaven. For an even more indulgent treat, add some meatballs and extra cheese for a quick, simple yet incredible dinner tonight.