Activated charcoal masks: The secrets to apply them to perfection

Activated charcoal masks: The secrets to apply them to perfection

Beauty and skin care: activated charcoal masks, how to apply them to perfection? Here are the small tricks to be taken that make the difference when you apply a face mask: try it!

Taking care of the skin goes mainly through some key steps, such as facial treatments suited to our skin type. Eliminate dead cells with a scrub, maybe do it yourself with honey,moisturize your face with a cream that nourishes without weighing, always eliminate all traces of makeup before going to bed are 3 key steps to have a bright and healthy skin, but sometimes it is not enough.

The activated charcoal masks thus intervene, to be chosen based on the problems of our skin; on the market, in fact, we find so many, because there are many types of skin: dry, oily, mixed,delicate, with acne or imperfections, each skin must have its perfect mask!Even the application of the mask makes the difference, both because the correct drafting has a more effective action, and because we can avoid wasting the product: let’s see then all the secrets to apply the face mask to perfection!

Activated charcoal masks: The right mask

In order to be really useful, you have to choose the mask that best suits your skin type. If you have dry skin,choose a mask based on honey; for the oily skin a clay mask is perfect, while for the one with imperfections (blackheads and pimples) the right option is a charcoal mask. If you have mixed skin, get all three types and apply in the areas of reference: the expense of fact is the same because they will last along time. The choice of the right activated charcoal masks is also essential for the application: a mask for oily skin will adhere badly to dry skin.

Activated charcoal masks: Clean skin

Activated charcoal masks must be applied to clean skin! Remove makeup completely, also by helping with coconut oil:if you find it too dense for your skin, you can remove residues with a tonic or micellar water. Further point to be clarified: never apply a purifying facial mask immediately after using make-up remover! The pores at that point would be well closed and the mask would not be able to penetrate deeply. The secret to apply the face mask to the best is to remove make-up for good, enter the shower, let the pores open thanks to the steam and then apply the product.Before leaving the shower, it is a good idea to make a non-aggressive scrub with a fine-grained product, and then rinse with warm water.

Face mask: Application

It is good to keep aside a brush to use only and exclusively to apply this type of product; the best brush is the cat’s tongue that is also used to spread the foundation but, as mentioned,it must be completely clean and not contain other residues. After emulsifying the mask, spread it on the face, after having taken the right amount with the brush. You can proceed with the same foundation technique: from the bottom to the top, leaving the eye contour and lip contour areas free. Remember to apply it on your neck too, so if you have opted for a “steam bath” on your face only, without first taking a shower, remember to remove the perfume! The same applies also to the fabric activated charcoal masks: the procedure that precedes the application is the same.

Face mask: During the application

Meanwhile, in order to act properly, the face mask must remain in place: so, relax! Do not take advantage of those 15 minutes to dust or wash the dishes, you could sweat or have the mask stick to the small residues that you would not notice. So, get comfortable, listen to some music, read the book, call a friend (with speakerphone, better!), Watch an episode of your favorite TV series: you deserve 15 minutes a week just for you! The activated charcoal masks, in fact,should be applied consistently but not too often, because there is always a risk of rebound effect: better then opt for one application per week.

Face mask: After application

Remove the mask with lukewarm water, dab the face without rubbing, apply a tonic if necessary and then the moisturizer: your skin will be radiant and clean, you will surely notice the difference!