5 KPIs you need to measure online lead generation

Metrics are an important aspect of any online marketing strategy. You need to know how many people are visiting your site and how they behave. While it’s possible to capture a plethora of website data, here are five key performance indicators (KPIs) that offer the information you need for measuring online lead generation.

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Unique users

This an important KPI, as you need to know how many new visitors land on your site. This is because new visitors are key to maximising your revenue. If you are getting lots of repeat visitors, that may indicate your content is engaging, but the important thing is whether those visitors are converting.

Conversion rate

When we talk about conversion rate, we don’t just mean people purchasing from your site. Conversion rate also means visitors taking a positive action. This could be to sign up for an email newsletter or download your brochure. Often, conversion rate is expressed as a percentage, with the average for landing pages at around 2%. By knowing your site’s conversion rate, you can make improvements to push yours higher.

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Close ratio

This is where we start to look at actual revenue coming into your business via the website. Again, this is expressed as a percentage value. If you had 5,000 visitors and 500 of them buy something, your close rate is 10%.

Deal value

Related to close ratio, this metric tells you how valuable each sale is worth to your business. Both of these metrics can help a website design company Gloucester businesses and those based elsewhere use, such as www.net9design.com, determine if their clients are getting the optimum results from their site
Revenue per visitor (RPV)

The final metric is a useful one to know because it tells you how much each visitor spends, on average, when on your site. To obtain this figure, you divide your website revenue by the number of visitors. For example, if your revenue is £5,000 and you have 1,000 visitors, the RPV is £5. This has implications for how much you spend on attracting and converting new customers.

To fully understand whether your marketing efforts are capturing leads that convert into sales, you need to keep track of these KPIs. That way, you can understand what you are doing right and identify areas of your marketing strategy that need adjusting.