Making your wedding unique

Each year hundreds and hundreds of people spend time planning their upcoming weddings. These can be either civil or religious weddings with a variety of different options available for the evening and afternoon entertainment. Your wedding day is one that you want to remember for many years to come and this is where a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer like can produce some incredible images that you will cherish and keep forever.

There are many unique ways that you can add personal elements to your wedding whether this is through the evening reception or the decorations. Here are some of the things that you may want to add to your list:

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Table decorations and embellishments

The tables at the wedding breakfast are one of the best places that couples can show some of the own personalities. Ways in which people have added some personality or quirk to these decorations include:

  • Quotes included on blackboards in the centre of the table, perhaps from your favourite music lyrics, films or books that you enjoy as a couple. These could also be images of places that you have visited together or holidays that you have taken.

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One of the traditional ways that people take away keepsakes from their wedding is to have a post-box that people place congratulation cards in as well as a guest book that people write messages in for the happy couple.  There are some other fun ideas that you may wish to include instead:

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