Life begins at when now?

You will probably have heard to old saying that life begins at 40. It’s usually trotted out to make people who have left their considered youth time and have entered into the beginning of Middle age. However, you may have also heard the saying that 50 is the new 40 or that 40 is the new thirty. Again, you might think that this is just a ploy to get someone who has reached that age to feel better about it, but one official body appears to have taken the saying as true and changed its definition of what human age actually amounts to. You are going to find that according to the World health organisation you are not in the age bracket that you previously thought. One place that sees age as purely just a number is Gloucester Park Homes. If you check out their website at you’ll see that when it comes to retirement life is certainly not dull or uninteresting as you find yourself in a likeminded and social community of people in the same age as yourselves.

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After my earlier comment you may be wondering where you fall into the World Health Organisations age range definition. It may well come as a surprise and please don’t blame me if you disagree with them, I am not a representative of the World Health Organisation. I am quite pleased I’m still actually in my youth though and will be for some time, yet it would seem. Here are the definitions.

Birth to Seventeen – You are underage. You might start protesting about it when you get to e sixteen and seventeen, but this has pretty big ramifications to say that you are not grown up until eighteen when the Government says that you can get married, have sex and smoke at sixteen and then an official world renowned organisation basically says that you’ve let children do this.

Eighteen to Sixty-five – Youth and young people. By this yard stick we are young for a long time now and the ages that were thought of as middle age are wiped out in favour of youth. As we have improved health care, access to public health and food plus clean water we are living longer. What is the impact on government thinking when you’re looking at retirement age in your late youth.

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Sixty-Six to Seventy nine – Middle age. This will displease many seventy year olds who consider themselves to be old. It also has effects on thinking if the Government wants to look at pension provision. Could they say “We, if they’re middle age should they not still be working?”

Eighty to Ninety Nine – Now you are finally old. It has taken awhile to get there, longer than before, but with a big rise in age trends this group will grow.

One hundred plus – Long lived. You certainly are but there is evidence that most born now will have a very good chance of reaching this age and possibly beyond it.

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