Jeans for the Weekend only?

Mens levi jeans are a hot fashion trend that has been hitting the stores for several years now. The main reason why this style of pants have been so successful is because they offer the same benefits as a pair of designer jeans, but at a much lower price. One of the best things about these men’s Levi jeans is that they are available in a wide variety of styles and cuts to fit each man’s personal taste. You can get them at EJ Menswear  Here are some of the top styles in this new season.

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If you want to make the transition from weekender to casual work pants, the best option may be a dark wash. The jean comes in a dark wash with faded accents on the legs, front, and back. Wear your dark wash pants with a white shirt or a t-shirt to complete the look. To dress down a bit, pair your pants with a nice grey or blue shirt and a classic leather jacket. You can also add some flashy accessories to complete the look.

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For a more formal look, you may want to opt for a slightly dressier look. You can opt for a linen legging and then pair it with a slightly dressy top. If you are looking for a bit of sparkle, then try a men’s Levi weekender in a rich colour. A blue jean, white shirt, and a dark pullover sweater will complete the look. With all of these options available, there is sure to be a men’s Levi weekender that is perfect for any look you can think of!


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