Instead of creating new just hit reboot.

We seem to be in a time of revisiting entertainment options from the past. What do I mean?

There have been numerous music bands that have reformed this year in a bid to revive their careers. The reasons for this depend very much on the individual groups. Some of them are simply organising a tour and an album to commemorate an artist anniversary, whilst others are looking to completely revive their careers and start releasing music once again. The same has occurred in the television industry with many popular shows being rebooted. Again, how this reboot occurs depends on what is wanted by the production team. It is one of the reasons that I am  glad that I arranged for TV Aerial Installation Swansea company to come and fit my new aerial.

Here are some of the top television shows that have either been rebooted.

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American Idol – The hit talent show originally aired from 2002-2016 on Fox and was incredibly popular with audiences wanting to see how their favourite contest faired each week. You would have thought that we have enough reality style competition shows to choose from, but ABC feel that having a familiar, well liked show from the recent past return with a less in face your face setting can only be good or viewing figures.

Star Trek Discovery – who doesn’t love a bit of Star Trek? There have been many series of the hit show each with their own unique twist on the concept of life in space. Discovery was originally shown in the 1960s and the reboot occurred back in 2017 and continues today with similar storylines but with incredible graphics.

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Gilmore Girls – the much-loved show came back for a four series show in 2016 that have to deal with the sad passing of Edward Herrman before the show was filmed. The show centres around the four seasons and updated us with the lives and loves of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. There really was nothing to dislike about this short reboot.

Will and Grace – was another incredibly popular show back in 1998-2005 when it was first aired. The revival has seen most of the old fans return to watching the lives of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen and it has also picked up many new ones. The show picked up exactly where it left off in terms of the comedy and it was like the cast had never left.

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