Important trailer parts to keep handy

If you own a trailer, then there are some parts that are really useful to have to hand. These include:

Mudguards – The usefulness of mudguards is often overlooked by trailer owners. Whilst you might not think that a bit of mud splashing onto your tyres as you traverse tough terrain is a big deal, you might be surprised to learn that not having mudguards is actually against the law. So, make sure you have a good quality set of mudguards to hand should anything happen to the existing ones.

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Wheel Wrenches – Having a spare wheel is great but do you have the right wrench to fit it? Having an extendable wheel wrench to hand can be invaluable for times when a tyre needs to be changed pronto! For help with all essential Trailer Parts, go to a site like Auto and Trailer, a supplier of Trailer Parts.

Spare Tyre – Likewise, having a wrench but no spare tyre can leave you and your trailer stranded! Ensure you have a spare wheel and tyre as a puncture or broken wheel can leave you out of action especially if you don’t have these essential items to hand.

Security Cables – While you’re parked up, the security of your trailer should be paramount. Available in a variety of thicknesses, the best of which are even resistant to attempts by a hacksaw!

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Lighting Boards – Also a legal requirement, lighting boards help to keep your vehicle visible and roadworthy. They are available with core cable for light power, rear fog lights and mounting holes.

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