How to Take a Confident First Step into University Life

University life is something that is not only the first step into adulthood for many but is also a time of fun and freedom as well as the opportunity to spend time learning something that you are passionate about, and hopefully equipping you with the knowledge needed to start a successful career in your chosen subject.

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For many people, the transition to university life can seem daunting – living away from home for the first time is understandably a source of anxiety for many young people. But the in this circumstance, the key is to be well prepared for university life – that way you can embrace it with open arms!

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The first thing to consider is where you will live during your time at uni. Research the student accommodation in the area you will be going to – there is a lot on offer like this Cheltenham student accommodation for example.

Prepare yourself for more independent living by learning life skills. As well as learning to cook (it doesn’t have to be Michelin star cooking, but a few healthy basic meals are perfect!) it is also important to learn how to budget and manage your money – this way you can go into the world well prepared and unlikely to have any nasty surprises!

It is perfectly normal to feel homesick – try taking special memories of home with you, like photos, or something special that smells of home and reminds you of it – a favourite teddy or blanket for night-time for example.



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