How to Remove Japanese Knotweed

Knowing how to remove Japanese knotweed can mean the difference between removing it in its early stages, and allowing the invasive plant to spread and take over your garden. Knotweeds are a common perennial plant which grows well in fields, lawns and gardens in the UK. The name “japanese knotweed” is derived from the plant’s resemblance to the Japanese knot symbol, and also because it has some of the characteristics of a weed. It’s a fast growing, evergreen perennial that loves damp earth and will grow up to six meters in height, although the largest specimens have been reported to exceed 10 meters in height! It is a big problem and costs millions of pounds every year for homeowners to remove.

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How to remove Japanese knotweed starts by recognizing that this invasive plant has taken hold in your garden. While the smaller variety of Japanese knotweed looks more like bamboo-like stems, the larger variety has hollow, heart-shaped leaves, and needle-like blossoms.

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While there are many options for dealing with invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed, using the less toxic methods and using undiluted industrial strength herbicides can be far more effective and safer than using traditional methods. You’ll want to get a professional straight away as this plant can quickly overcome an area, causing structural damage and killing off other plant life.

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