How to help the elderly with getting washed and dressed

As we age we often need to get support for some of the activities that we do in life. These tend to be activities such as getting around and getting washed and dressed in the mornings. Although these might seem like everyday tasks they are those ones that require us to be standing or seated for a period of time as well as being able to be mobile. Mobility can also become an issue as we age and Mobility Aids like the ones that you can get from can help with this.

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When looking for support for personal tasks such as showering and even help with putting your clothes on in the morning there are a number of ways that this can be achieved. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Shower units – there are a number of different shower units that can be used safely in older age and these are often the ones that allow you to walk in and then close the unit around you. You sit in the water much like a bath but have the accessibility of a shower.

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Safety rails – when getting in and out of a bath and shower the slippy floor can cause issues for those who already have mobility issues. These are also called grab rails and they are placed next to toilets and steps as well as being put next to bath areas.

Personal alarms – these alarms can be worn around the neck and the wrist and they will alert the monitoring company if the wear slips and falls and can not get up. In these instances, the company will either call the emergency services to attend the house or they will contact the emergency numbers for the person.


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