How is the World Likely to End in the Near Future?

For as long as the world has existed, human beings have imagined the many ways that it can end. You only have to read through ancient texts from all around d the world to see that wherever you live in the world it is something that has been widely pondered upon.

From the Bible to Nostradamus, humans have always been intrigued by the end of days and how and when it will happen. Nowadays however, we rely on science to help out and the Doomsday Clock is a reliable indicator of how close we are to the apocalypse. So, what are the things that we might expect to bring an end to life on planet earth?

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Climate Change – This is the biggest threat to the planet, and it is urgent that we deal with this effectively, as most scientists will agree it is imminent (well in the next few decades) that life will change forever on Earth if we do not heed the warnings. Businesses are getting better at being green with the help of people like this commercial recycling company Printwaste, but we need to cut carbon emissions drastically worldwide.

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Nuclear War – Since the start of the cold war, we have had many near misses, and when it comes to global annihilation this is still a big contender. Unstable political relations and large stocks of nuclear weapons are owned by many countries worldwide, and it is always possible that they will be set of in a moment of madness, or completely by accident.

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