How can a receptionist help  your business

Reception areas are hives of activity and it is important that you employ a receptionist to help manage this area for you. But have you thought about all the different ways in which they can support your business? Here are some ideas to get you started.

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  • Greeting visitors – probably one of the most important roles that a receptionist can fulfil is to greet visitors to your business. They can sign them in, issue them with a visitors pass, show them to some comfortable Reception Chairs where they can sit and wait with a drink.
  • Emails – if you have a general enquiries email you can have your receptionist answer these during the day. The emails can be forwarded onto the relevant person in your business or they can be dealt with by the receptionist if it is a general question.

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  • Telephone – similar to the general email enquiries you can also get your receptionist to answer the telephone and forward the calls on to the right person or take a message and ask for a call back.
  • Meeting rooms- if you have meeting rooms that are near to your reception area you might want your receptionist or reception team to be responsible for booking the meeting rooms and setting them up ready for the meetings to take place. This would mean that they can sign the visitors in and then take them to the relevant room and serve them a drink whilst they wait.

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