Try these tricks for creating vintage charm in your home

Try these tricks for creating vintage charm in your home

Vintage decorating is the perfect way to add unique character to your home. It can allow you to put your own stamp on your interiors while giving a historical boost that will add depth to your design. If you don’t know where to begin, however, here are some top tips for getting started with creating vintage charm in your home.

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While many people will start from scratch on projects such as crochet blanket kits, others will choose to upcycle existing vintage pieces. The opportunities for this are almost endless.

You could repaint an old dresser, use a vintage frame for a new piece of art, or recover an antique armchair. This is great for your home and for the planet. Upcycling offers a whole host of opportunities when it comes to designing homes, as the BBC explores in this article:

Textural appeal

Contrasting textures can add depth to any interior design. This could mean using crochet blanket kits to add a vintage twist to beds, chairs, or sofas. Or alternatively, you might line up stunning time-worn books on shining shelves.

Vintage kitchens

Kitchens can look amazing with some vintage twists. You could try adding a freestanding dresser or investing in vintage equipment to add character, and also functionality, to a space. Beautiful, aged patinas can contrast delightfully with modern cabinets and gleaming work surfaces.

Architectural cues

When considering what vintage items to include, you could look at the architecture of your property. This might lead you down a path of focusing on items from a particular area or simply following the shape of the rooms and the colours already in the spaces.

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Bathroom antiques

Bathrooms can feel quite sterile but antique items can add instant personality and character. Be imaginative and don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, how about combining a modern sink with a Victorian washstand, thereby injecting a playful warmth and creative element to your room?

Old and new

Combine the contemporary with the vintage to add interest and prevent your home from looking like a set for a period drama.

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