How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?

The smell of paint left in the apartment after the repair can spoil the impression of even the most stylish interior. No matter how good the paintwork is, it somehow leaves behind a specific amber, which is rather difficult to get rid of. Moreover, the lower the cost and, accordingly, the quality of paint, the more persistent and toxic the smell in freshly renovated rooms. Such fumes can not only cause inconvenience but also cause poor health of residents. Prolonged inhalation of toxic paint fumes can cause a headache that does not stop with analgesics, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and other disorders of the general condition characteristic of intoxication.

However, it’s not worth waiting for unpleasant symptoms – it is much easier and more logical to get rid of the persistent odor of paint left in the rooms after repairs. Ten of the best folk recipes will help to give the atmosphere in your home pristine freshness without the slightest hint of toxic notes of paint and varnish coatings!

10 Proven Recipes How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment

Of course, the easiest way to neutralize the specific smell after painting, contacting experts – professional deodorization of the premises will quickly remove the source of toxic fumes and forget about the problem forever. However, this service cannot be called cheap, so not many can afford it, especially after an already expensive repair. Yes, it is not at all necessary – you can eliminate the smell of paint in the room and on your own! To cope with this problem will help the most valuable folk recipes collected in the article.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


As a rule, freshly painted, but poorly dried surfaces emit unpleasant odors. In order to solve two problematic issues at the same time – to erode the already accumulated smell of paint and prevent the appearance of new vapors, thoroughly drying the treated floors, furniture, and other interior elements, a thorough ventilation should be organized in the apartment for at least 2-3 days.

In the summer, in dry, calm weather, this is easiest to do. Just open wide or at least put in the mode of ventilation of the window, open the balcony door, turn on the hood – in short, ensure maximum and possible through-flow of air in the rooms, then close the apartment and go for a few days to friends or relatives. Upon returning home, the perfect fresh air will be waiting for you without the slightest hint of paint smell. Moreover, annoying couples will not return after the draft has stopped – during this time the painted surfaces will completely dry and will no longer emit amber.

Tip!  If you live on the 1-2 floors, it is better to abandon this method – to leave the apartment with the windows open for a few days, in this case, is not safe.

In the autumn-winter period, the smell cannot be removed in such a way – the apartment can vystryt or dry out during lung ventilation. In this case, a real conditioner can be an air conditioner with the possibility of ionization or air purification – both functions cope with heavy aromas equally well.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Any liquid perfectly absorbs odors, but ordinary tap water copes best with this task without any impurities. That is why high humidity in the apartment allows you to get rid of the smell of paint much faster and more efficiently.

To ensure rapid absorption of solvent vapor and paintwork, as much humidity sources as possible should be placed in the rooms. To do this, you can pour water into bowls, buckets or pans with a wide neck and place them around the perimeter of the rooms. In addition, wet sheets and towels hung around the apartment are excellent in absorbing the smell of paint. However, after such “conditioning”, it is necessary to scrape all textiles used for moistening at least 2-3 times with the use of aromatic fabric softeners – notes of paint and varnish amber can be eaten into the canvas.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Another tool that can absorb unpleasant smell molecules is regular charcoal. If the apartment has a fireplace or stove, or the owners often like to get out into nature with a brazier, it will not be difficult to get such material – you can use the usually burnt logs. However, even those who are far from picnics and heating with solid fuel can get the raw materials without much effort and financial costs – in any hardware store you can inexpensively buy a small package of coal for making fires.

The resulting charcoal is best decomposed into containers or cardboard boxes with an open top and placed in the corners of rooms where the sources of unpleasant smell of paint are concentrated. In principle, you can put the adsorbent on the floor, but after that, you will have to do the additional wet cleaning, because the coals leave unsightly black stains. After 2-3 days, when the smell becomes less pronounced, you should throw away the containers with the waste material and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Ordinary scented candles can not only deodorize the air in the apartment after the repair, but also remove the source of the unpleasant smell. On the one hand, the open fire burning in the room gradually burns out the remnants of paint molecules in the air, thereby eliminating the cause of the toxic amber. On the other hand, concentrated flavors, added to candle wax, mask the repulsive odor until it disappears.

This method of air conditioning will appeal to every hostess. To make the smell of paint burn out, one candle is obviously not enough – you will need to place at least a dozen burning aroma candles in the apartment. First, it is not as fire safe as it may seem – you will have to keep an eye on sources of open fire. Well, and secondly, a high concentration of flavors in the air can be no less annoying than the smell of paint.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Of course, such means in no way affect the concentration of the odor of paint in the apartment but will help disguise it until the moment it disappears on its own. It is better to apply aroma oils if the evaporation is not too strong, because the pleasant aroma will not reduce the harmful effects of toxic fumes of the paintwork on the body.

To give the air in the apartment a spicy freshness and lightness, it is enough to get a few cotton pads with your favorite essential oil or extract, which has a characteristic aroma and spread them out near the freshly painted elements of the interior. However, it is possible to combine aromatization and air purification by adding esters to the water poured into basins and bowls, as indicated in paragraph 1 – this effect will become more pronounced. The vanilla and peppermint extracts are best coped with the heavy solvent of ambient – they kill the unpleasant smell, refreshing the air in the room.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


The aroma of lemon peel acts just like essential oils, drowning out the smell of paint. In order to refresh the room, it is enough on average 1 whole lemon per 1 room of standard cubic capacity. However, it all depends on the intensity of the smell and the amount of painting.

Remove sharp evaporation can be spreading lemon slices around the perimeter of freshly painted surfaces. It is better to cut the lemon along with the zest – it contains the most fragrant ingredients. After 2-3 days, citrus slices should be discarded and, if necessary, replaced with new ones.

Important!  In no case do not use lemon, lying in the apartment after the repair, for culinary or cosmetic purposes – citrus not only exudes a pleasant aroma but also absorbs paint molecules, which means that subsequent use can be dangerous to health.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Acetic acid is an excellent neutralizer for unpleasant odors. It is enough to wipe with a napkin soaked in table vinegar any surface that exudes a fragrance – and it will immediately disappear, leaving behind only the characteristic acetic acidity. However, this method does not work with painted surfaces – in this case, it is necessary to act differently.

If the smell of paint in the apartment is too strong, it is worth pouring several bottles of vinegar in bowls and plates, moisten gauze napkins and towels with them and place them indoors. If the amber is not so pronounced, you can dilute it with water in a 1: 3 ratio. Being in such an apartment is not worth it – acetic fumes can cause unpleasant symptoms of poisoning. However, it is much easier to weather vinegar than paint – in just 10-15 minutes of ventilation, the specific sour smell will leave the room.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Avid coffee lovers will definitely like this method because as a result, their favorite aroma of invigorating drink will stay in an apartment for a long time. To neutralize the paint, you will need the coffee grounds left after brewing, but it is better to collect it beforehand – the more bowls with coffee residues will be placed in the room, the faster the solvent will be replaced by coffee.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


Onion juice can mask absolutely any odor, and paint is no exception. It is enough to spread out several bulbs in the apartment, cut into quarters – and there will be no trace of toxic fumes. True, their place will be taken by onion notes, which not everyone will like.

With this method should be extremely careful. It is not much easier to get rid of onion amber than paintwork, especially if there is upholstered furniture or carpets in the room. Onion extracts quickly enter the fabric, after which it is necessary to wash the upholstery so that it becomes fresh again.

How To Remove The Smell Of Paint From The Apartment?


And this technique, unlike an onion, is relevant if there are carpets and upholstered furniture in the apartment. It is enough to scatter soda on the upholstery for 12-24 hours – and the smell will not leave the slightest trace. A clean white powder can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Which of the methods to choose depends on the personal preferences of the hostess and the characteristics of the renovated apartment, but it is always better to reduce in advance the likelihood of toxic paint fumes. Choose high-quality finishing materials, follow the rules of their use, ensure fresh air during painting – and the smell in the apartment will quickly disappear without additional measures!

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