How to maintain your meter boxes

How to maintain your meter boxes

Meter boxes may not be your first thought when increasing the kerb appeal of your property. However, consider how often they are in quite prominent positions, and it is easy to see why taking care of them can enhance the appearance of your home or business premises.
Why should you take care of your meter box?

A well-kept meter box can improve the look of your property and also prevent problems such as damage or corrosion. A cared-for electricity or gas meter box will look smarter, last longer and stay stronger. Ongoing maintenance can also prevent more costly problems from occurring.

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It is your legal obligation to repair and maintain your meter boxes, whether that means carrying out simple cleaning or sourcing a replacement from a specialist provider such as You can read more about this on the Association of Meter Operators website here.

Inspect your electricity or gas meter box

Check your meter box regularly and fix any faults spotted. Look for surface-level damage, rust and corrosion, water leaks, damaged latches and turning mechanisms, and door hinges.

Cleaning external boxes

Regular cleaning is an important part of energy meter box maintenance.

Start by clearing any debris and dirt from in and around the box. Use a brush to get in the corners. Close the box and use a washing-up liquid solution to wipe down the outside and rinse using as little clean water as possible and a cloth.

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Don’t be tempted to use a hose or dump a whole bucket of water over the box as this could lead to damage or leaks. Your electricity or gas meter box is designed to withstand the elements but too much water could test its limits too far.

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