Helping wildlife during the winter

During the colder winter months, we aren’t the only ones that start to feel the effects of the chilly weather. The animals that frequent our gardens also start to struggle. Unlike us humans they don’t have access to Gloucester Boiler servicing companies like who can ensure that their house stay nice and warm all winter long. With more and more houses being built on our native wildlife’s natural habitats we further erode away their access to suitable shelter and food. However, there are a couple of things that we can do to help the wildlife in and around your area this winter.

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Check before lighting

At this time of year, it is popular for people to have bonfires and also to use their indoor and perhaps outdoor log fires more and more as a means to keeping warm. It can be tempting to use some of the dried leaves, logs and other natural debris from the garden on the fires. This is a good way to use these items that are often left lying around until the Spring, but it is incredibly important that you check them for any wildlife that may have crawled into the pile looking for shelter and warmth. You can often find creatures like hedgehogs, mice, newts and grass snakes seeking the comforts of the small holes that are found in piles of leaves and logs as it keeps them out of the direct effects of the colder, wetter weather.  One of the best tips to ensure that you do not injure or kill any little creatures that may have set up home in your bonfire, is rebuild your pile of materials in another location to the one that you have collected the materials in. This gives you chance to check through the items when you move them.

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Hungry birds and squirrels

Many people feed birds that frequent their garden all year round, but few think to change and increase the amount of food they put out during the winter months. This time of year sees both birds and squirrels desperately searching for food sources. It is important to remember when feeding birds that at no point should you give them white bread.

During the colder months you should you put out a selection of mixed seeds along with a good fat source such as fat balls which are usually made of a plant-based suet mixture. You can also leave out halved coconuts (never give them desiccated coconut) for the birds to enjoy. Due to the energy that they use on a daily basis it is important to ensure that they have access to a high saturated fat diet. Peanuts are another good source of fats for both birds and squirrels and are relatively inexpensive to buy.

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