Getting an extension is great.

Now that the Christmas period is finally over some of you may well be wondering how you’ve managed to get through it at all. If you find that you have your relatives all perched on a small dining room table or that you have to get the pasting tables out to make enough room, you might want to consider looking for some other options in the future.

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One solution would be to move home to somewhere that is bigger and where you can house more people for christmas lunch and other family get togethers, however this isn’t necessarily the best option.  You could consider developing an extension on the side of the house which would allow you to have more room and be able to accommodate everybody for Christmas and other times of the Year where the family needs to come together. A Timber Framed Extension such as the ones that you can get from are a stylish addition to any home and they are much less expansion that an entire house move.

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After having your extension installed you can start to look at what you might like to use it for over the other 364 days in the year. You can also develop it into a second bedroom playroom home office or even a home gym. A games room may also be an option or just somewhere that you can got to relax at the end of the day.

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