Rustic wooden bars: ideas and tips to have one at home

Rustic wooden bars: ideas and tips to have one at home

Rustic wooden bars– Minibus or bars at home are a timeless option to add comfort to our home. If you like to have a beer or pine cola in the tranquility of your home, the option of having a bar or minibar at home, should be present. This day in homily, we have decided to list some points to consider how to design and build a bar in your house. These tips will fall very well, if you are a big fan of drinks and even better to share them with friends or with your family.

Each and every one of these tips, we think  so that you can, within a short time, own a bar made of wood that has impregnated that rustic essence, ideal to generate bohemian, intimate and unforgettable environments.

We have paid special attention to those characteristics that must, yes or yes, reign in the design of the rustic bar made of wood. We will talk from the forms and distribution, to the maintenance, the care. Do you think we start now?

Example 1 of rustic wooden bars: combine several pieces of wood and take advantage of a small space

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Large wooden furniture, both in width and height, is complicated to clean, move and even enjoy in company, as well as being ostentatious; quality that does not go very well with a country essence. Therefore, as a first requirement for a rustic wooden bar, we establish the act of separating it by pieces, one responsible for being the bar, another exclusive to house bottles and glasses, and some more to provide a good and comfortable resting space.

Example 2 of rustic wooden bars: combine wood with other materials

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Wood alone can not meet all the requirements of a bar at home, like everything, sometimes needs help from other materials. For this reason we recommend that if you make certain area of the bar with other raw materials, they have the rustic essence that wood has, for example, you have to opt for red brick, forged metal, stone slabs and say no to glass, plastic , chrome sheet, aluminum, tetrameter.

Example 3 of rustic wooden bars: combine styles of furniture

the rustic wooden bars

The ostentatious forms in the furniture do not go with the rustic style that in this book of ideas we are promoting, that’s why we propose as a third rule to create a rustic wooden bar, that the shapes in the furniture or furniture used are simple, not very straight , and without such marked margins.

Example 4 of rustic wooden bars: have efficient shelves for small spaces

The same happens with the shelves that accompany the design of a bar to help you in  an adequate storage of drinks , glasses, utensils and others; the more adventurous their forms, the more they will be moving away from the rustic essence that is being sought.

Example 5 of rustic wooden bars: use wood with creativity

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That the wood is the raw material in the bar that you have at home and that you seek to prevail the essence of nature does not mean that the wood will be untouchable, only that it must be treated with great ingenuity so that it does not lose its purity but Note included to the design of a piece of furniture.

Example 6 of rustic wooden bars: Having adequate wooden structures

A common problem when building a rustic wooden bar is that it is not considered that the wood must be molded for all needs. In a common way, you can find bar tables beautifully created with wood, or benches that are a work of art also carved with wood, but it is difficult to find the shelves for glasses of this material, since the work must be more careful.

The rule that we stipulate here is that wood is raw material for the entire structure of the bar and not only for where it is easy to occupy.

Example 7 of rustic wooden bars: minimalist and modern style

a rustic wooden bars

This rule goes hand in hand with the previous point, the wood should be used for most rustic bar, however, you can use other materials, as long as the design so marked and it is not a question of whether It is more practical or not.

Example 8 of rustic wooden bars: combine with glass

Coexistence is one of the emotions that most enjoys generating a rustic atmosphere, so if the wooden bar you want to have at home will have this style, look for its shape and distribution denote familiarity, for example, that has room for memories relatives, pieces that have a history, etcetera.

Example 9 of rustic wooden bars: with industrial touch

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The savant-grade is ideal for modern designs, minimalist and even eclectic, but not for rustic furniture, so say goodbye to all those materials and shapes that allude to something more sophisticated and say yes to those ideas that generate a bar full of tradition and simplicity .

Example 10 of rustic wooden bars: reuse

Preserving the essence of the materials used is one of the main emblems of the rustic style, so in a wooden bar the most important thing is that the material is as natural as possible, for example, if pallet is going to be used, let’s see its robust form, its surface without any perfection, its easy and careless armed, tetrameter.

Example 11 of rustic wooden bars: preserve the characteristic tone of the wood

Example of rustic wooden bars

No need to paint the wood in black, gray or bench, if the bar in question will want to be recognized for its rustic style should, as far as possible, leave the color of this material intact, perhaps only enhance its tone or inject a shine through some type of lacquer or varnish.

Example 12 of rustic wooden bars: use warm lighting

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A rustic wooden bar does not look very good if it opts for white lighting, because this type of light is characterized to be cold and, to a certain extent, modern. The best thing is to appeal for light bulbs that radiate yellow light, because its greatest quality is to generate warm and welcoming environments.

Example 13 of rustic wooden bars: simplicity and functionality

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The veins are like the scars that the wood has, they process their years and what they have lived, so hiding them without a doubt is a mistake in the creation of a modern piece of furniture.

The opposite must be done to hide them, there is to let the rustic bar show them and presume with total freedom, those marks in fact give the furniture greater originality.

Example 14 of rustic wooden bars: vibrant colors

Nature is cheerful, reflected in the vivid colors of its vegetation. This feature is mentioned because to include in the appearance of the rustic bar in question is to strengthen the style of the furniture.

Example 15 of rustic wooden bars: include technology cautiously

rustic wooden bars

The rustic style is not fought with technology, as long as the coexistence between these two elements is controlled, progressive and with caution. For example, a TV is welcome in the structure of  a rustic bar made of wood, as long as it is not ostentatious or accompanied by several more electronic ones.

Finally, the rustic wooden bars as a complement to the home furniture, offer many benefits and advantages; , the rustic wooden bars are a functional and attractive element, since they greatly facilitate the work in preparing the food, they even work wonderfully to make informal and quick meals. The bars help us achieve an additional social environment in the home, by turning them into a small bar to share in the company of friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. From modern designs to rustic and with a variety of materials.


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