Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

Gastronomy of the Land of the Rising Sun is considered by many to be the most unusual and colorful. The very fact that the salt and pepper, which we are used to, is not added to the dishes of Japanese cuisine, speaks volumes. But the taste of food is always bright and memorable. The fact is that for the Japanese the main thing is the table setting, the original presentation and the beautiful view of the food. And soy sauce, green mustard, and ginger give a particularly unsurpassed taste. It is the presence of these spices is mandatory for Japanese treats.Many people think that only highly professional chefs who have lived in Japan for more than a decade can cook Japanese food. But this is far from the case. Among the many national dishes, there are those that even young novice hostesses can cope with. Japanese Tamagoyaki, the national Japanese omelet, can be considered just such an easy and accessible recipe. A classic dish is simple in the cooking process, and the addition of various fillings can diversify your daily menu.

Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

What is tamagoyaki?

Tamagoyaki – this is not the usual recipe for egg omelet, which you used to cook in a hurry in the morning. In fact, this dish is a mixture of eggs, soy sauce and Japanese wine (mirin) with the addition of a small amount of sugar. The taste of tamagoyaki is not the unleavened mass of the scrambled familiar ingredients, but delicate rolls with an unusual combination of sweetish and moderately salty tastes.

Step by step recipe Japanese Tamagoyaki omelet

For the preparation of Japanese tamagoyaki, you will not need any exotic products and spices. And the cooking process itself will not take too much time. The only thing you need to stock up on is dexterity while wrapping thin egg pancakes right in the hot pan.

Product Set

  • 5 eggs (4 whole eggs and 1 yolk are required);
  • 1-1.5 st. l soy sauce;
  • 1 tbsp. l Mirina (can be replaced with dry white wine);
  • 1 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • a little mayonnaise (optional);
  • Sunflower (olive) oil for frying.

Cooking Instructions

  • Separate the yolk from the albumen in one egg. The remaining 4 eggs will be needed completely.
  • In a deep (non-metallic) bowl, use a fork or a whisk to stir the eggs. Beat the mass until the characteristic foam is formed.

Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

Tip! The mixer is not suitable for whipping eggs into a Japanese omelet since during such powerful mixing air bubbles form in a large amount.

  • The next mandatory step is to filter the egg mixture through a sieve – this will remove excess air bubbles. Take a strainer and strain the beaten eggs.
  • Add the required amount of sugar, pour in soy sauce and mirin. Continue to beat until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • On a heated pan with a non-stick coating (it is better to take a crepe maker), pour a little vegetable oil. Silicone brush smears it over the entire surface.
  • Pour the third part of the omelet mass and distribute it over the entire circumference.
  • As soon as the mixture starts to set around the edges, use the spatula and tongs to wrap the pancake into a roll and leave it on the edge of the pan.
  • Then pour on the hot (but not hot!) Pan half of the remaining mass. Tilt the pancake maker so that a bit of dough is numbed under the lying roll.
  • As soon as you notice that the omelet has started to set, start wrapping it in a previously prepared roll.
  • Do the same with the remaining omelet mixture.

Japanese tamagoyaki ready! Still hot, cut the roll into small portions and call home to the table.

Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

Serve a rolled omelet as a separate dish or with a side dish of crumbly rice. If you follow the Japanese tradition, do not forget to put wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce on the table.

Cooking options tamagoyaki

If the previously described recipe for Japanese omelet is considered a classic, then the proposed options for tamagoyaki are only a distant Asian flavor. Having made some adjustments, you can get a more satisfying and bright dish – it will be enough just to add stuffing on the pancake egg pancakes.

Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet: Recipe

You can start rolls absolutely everything that is in the fridge: sausage, smoked meats, fish, various vegetables, mushrooms, greens, cheese. Try blending some matching ingredients for the filling. Only by trial and error, you can choose for yourself exactly the unforgettable taste of Tamagoyaki, which, quite likely, will become your calling card in cooking!

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