Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

Fashionable Women’s Belts In 2018

Properly selected accessories can work wonders. They can in two accounts change the style of the image, give a highlight to the party, make it classic or provocative. In 2018, stylists recommend paying special attention to fashionable women’s belts. This detail is present in almost all the catwalk shows of the most famous designers, so if you want to be in trend, you should stock up on a couple of stylish accessories. What are the trends in women’s fashion belts and belts, which ones and what should be worn?

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

Fashionable women’s belts season 2018: the main trends

Wearing belts this year can and should be anywhere and with anything. You can combine the incompatible, play with styles and textures, combine contrasting things, or pick up details to match the tone of the main dress. The current trend is the contrast of color and style between the dress, pants, blouse, and belt. At the same time, strict classics returned to the podiums: belts to match clothes or to the floor are lighter and darker, as well as accessory kits (belts and belts of the same color and material with gloves, clutches, handbags and even shoes, which was considered anti-trend ).

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

Any liberties are allowed, so long as it looks bright, beautiful and does not spoil the silhouette. Fashionable accessories emphasize a well-thought image, highlight the hips or waist zone. Girls with a perfect figure, slim women of model appearance and happy owners of feminine proportions in the spirit of an hourglass can wear any belt, narrow, wide, both lowering them to the hips and emphasizing the waist. Ladies with curvaceous shapes are recommended to focus on the hips with a belt, choosing blouses and tunics of loose styles. Keep reading How to design your own dressmaking fabric

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

Types and material of fashionable women’s belts

This season it is difficult to single out one of the most fashionable or even several types of stylish women’s belts. Actual is the most diverse materials, styles, decor, colors. Most often in the collections of fashion houses in 2018, there are belts:

  • leather;
  • suede;
  • velvet;
  • tissue;
  • braided from leather, jute, rope;
  • metal chains, products decorated with a metal of all shades, with metal buckles of different sizes, metallic colors;
  • reptile skin;
  • laces, elastic bands (wide elastic belts with leather inserts);
  • From artificially aged leather and metal dusting.

Actual images and combinations

The fashion is wide and narrow, corsetry, long and short belts of all colors of the rainbow with a bright finish, embroidery, ethnic patterns and classic leather in black, brown and red tones.

The brightest combinations coexist with the classics, so every woman can choose an option to suit her own style or come up with a new solution. So, designers offer to wear wide belts with a bright finish in cool time with long knitted and knitted sweaters and cardigans, with dresses made of wool and gabardine.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

The current trend is to wear a long and thin leather belt, releasing the loose end and knotting it. Also in the trend are miniature handbags, fastened to a belt over a long fitted dress, skirt or classic trousers under a jacket.

In the fall, long and thin belts are worn with fitted coats, trench coats, long coats, in warm weather – over a jacket, with a pencil skirt, a blouse, with a shirt and chinos, and in summer with a free drapery tunic just below the waistline.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

In the trend of men’s brutal belts, as well as bright ethnic patterns, thin, bright colors, with weaving, perforation under the lace, fringe. Often, ethnic-style belts are decorated with large, beautiful buckles that resemble brooches. Stylists advise to pick them up for jeans or light, linen, plain clothes in the spirit of boho, as well as belts in cowboy style.

Do not descend from fashion podiums and stylish feminine belts from long cuts of fabric, soft leather with the texture of suede, velvet. They are wrapped around the waist several times and tied with a bow or a beautiful knot, as in the photo.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

How to wear fashionable women’s belts in 2018?

The abundance of models presented in fashion collections allows you to embed belts in any images: office, romantic, brutal, glamorous, and combining with summer, beach, classic, warm and outerwear.

Classic is considered a tandem of denim pants, shorts, skirts with wide men’s leather belts. However, if you want to create the most up-to-date image, stylists advise combining such models with feminine dresses in floral, chiffon models with ruffles and frill, with summer sundresses trimmed with lace.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

Thin smooth leather belts of bright colors are worn with jeans, trousers, shorts, pencil skirts. The color of the belt can be contrasted with clothing, coinciding with the print on the blouse, the color of the handbag, shoes. A thin turquoise, blue, yellow belt can be worn over a blouse or shirt, or tucked into the latest pants or skirt, as in the photo below. Corset and wide accessories of different textures look great in tandem with tight-fitting dresses, flared skirts, loose trousers.

It is still considered a fashionable image with a fitted jacket or a coat with a smell, thrown over shoulders and neck by a beautiful stole, the ends of which are tucked behind a narrow belt, as in the photo.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

With oversized sweaters, tight-fitting models of knitwear or bulk knit, wear wide and narrow belts made of leather of soothing shades, with bright products – belts of contrasting colors. Elastic strap can be worn over a shirt or blouse tucked into wide trousers or a skirt, or dressed in a black shirt.

Fashionable Women's Belts In 2018

In cold weather, combine the most fashionable leather accessories with fur clothing: fur coats, coats, vests. What color and texture of the belt to choose in this case? The stylists have no consensus on this point; rely on your taste and experiment. There is only one rule that is not recommended to break: products made of smooth fur are recommended to be combined with wide belts, and fluffy models with thin belts.

The most fashionable women’s belts and belts in 2018 are distinguished by such a variety of materials, textures, design, thickness, and length that it is not difficult to add any actual accessory, or even several, to any image and outfit. Experienced stylists recommend purchasing several bright and classic models at once and wearing them with the entire wardrobe items, in turn, each day creating new combinations. Successful to you fashionable experiments!

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