Women’s Street Fashion 2019

Women’s Street Fashion 2019

For several decades now, street fashion has not gone out of the trend. Opening up opportunities for self-realization, she finds recognition among women of all ages, preferences, social statuses. The main rule of direction requires dressing with comfort, but at the same time introducing a special highlight to the image, emphasizing individuality.

To understand what street fashion is and learn how to dress in a street style manner, it is necessary to trace the history of the development of the trend and understand its most significant accents.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Street style: the history of

Islands of the appearance of street-images were England and Japan. The first photos of people dressed boldly and extraordinarily belong to the beginning of the 50s. What pushed the British and Japanese to such a blatant contradiction to conservatism?

In the post-war period, England, like most European countries, was going through hard times. The state, slowly restoring destruction, could no longer be the same: innovations concerned not only the sphere of politics, economics, but also fashion. Against the background of unfolding events, many subcultures appear. The DIY direction (i.e. do it yourself or “do it yourself”) is becoming more popular. Being in a difficult financial situation, the British began to sew and repair their clothes themselves, which gave the first push to the formation of street bows.

Up to the 80s, new trends had a strong influence on the world of high fashion. At this time,  Japan is torn between the confrontation of generations. The local youth, dissatisfied with the social foundations and ideals of beauty, began to actively experiment with their wardrobe and appearance in general. To the horror of the traditionalists, the direction gathered an increasing number of adherents, and by the beginning of the 21st century, the whole world was overwhelmed.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Women often prefer street bows on the streets of different cities. Convenience, appeal, and style made such images incredibly popular.

Women’s street fashion 2019 and its accents

What to look for in 2019? Designer clothes and shoes, made in the style of street fashion, correspond to several bright trends. Let’s understand more!

The trend first, red

The main color of the season is red. Moreover, all shades of the palette are taken into account – from heavy burgundy to bright orange. The whole image is formed around a red accent. There are no restrictions: it can be a stylish handbag, boots, blouse, and scarf.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Trend Two, careless

Easy negligence remains the main priority of style. A creative mess is traced in every detail of the image. Show your imagination, beating men’s shirt, oversize sweater, and elements of asymmetry in cutting clothes. Combine the incompatible: why not wear sneakers under the classic top or coat?

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Trend Three, Monotonous

Monoluki – the latest trend of street fashion for women. In simple words, monoluk is an image formed on the basis of one color. In 2019, preference is given to bright, saturated scales. Take care of the availability in the wardrobe of red, green, blue, yellow and other palettes.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Trend Four, Cellular

The cage is a stylish component of a modern street bow. There are no restrictions for women in choosing a print – it can be the usual “goose foot”, the original tartan or the recognizable “Prince of Wales”. The cage is permissible in everything: on outerwear, skirts, and trousers, shirts and blouses.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Fifth trend, vintage

On the eve of the new season, it is worth checking out old things: there may be a lot of useful information for creating a trendy look. What are we looking for? First of all, men’s double-breasted jackets, raincoats with voluminous sleeves, O-silhouette coat, flared trousers and corrugated skirts. We remember the main rules of style: make the waist as thin as possible, add volume in the shoulders.

Women's Street Fashion 2019

Ready to hit and conquer? Then we send to the store for new things, made in the style of street fashion, and catch the admiring glances of others!