Keep your silky hair: How to make progressive straightening last longer

Keep your silky hair: How to make progressive straightening last longer

If you’re looking to keep your silky hair perfectly straight, it’s not enough with progressive smoothing. The real work begins after the session: apply treatments for the tips, use a special shampoo, among other procedures that will ensure a smooth and silky effect for much longer.

How to care for silky hair with chemical straightening?

To recover the nutrients that were lost in the process of progressive smoothing, and to make the hair look brighter for longer, it is necessary to add some steps to the beauty routine of every week: nutrition, hydration, and reconstruction, especially in the tips, but also on the scalp.

Do not wash your hair every day

Keep your silky hair

Ideally, your wicks should go through the shampoo once or twice a week; in each wash, the product used in the beauty salon to smooth the hair is diluted. In addition, washing with abrasive products descama capillary fibers, so, in addition to removing the chemical that keeps your hair smooth, destroys your silky hair. To prevent your hair from looking too oily, use dry shampoo.

Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo

“Any shampoo with sulfates is a big no,” explains Rod Anker, a stylist from New Delhi, for Vogue, “since it is very abrasive to the scalp; change to hair products without sulfates, to avoid deteriorating the health of your wicks.

Always dry your hair

Keep your silky hair

Hot air activates the smoothing product, and will also leave your tips brighter and smoother; Of course, you must take care of them properly. Do not brush them: pass a thick comb between the wicks to let the air flow between them. Before using a dryer, use a cream with thermal protection, so that they do not dry out. This last advice is valid for all types of hair.

Use dry conditioner

Since you will not be washing so much your silky hair, use dry conditioner to nourish it. Also, when you shower, apply a good amount of conditioner to your tips.

Do not put it behind the ears

At least not the first days. Try to have the wicks in a vertical position as long as you can, so that waves are not marked, as recommended by getting The Look. this has nothing to do with the chemicals, and it will not make them go away, but it is better to prevent the hair from taking on another texture until the straight has been fully established.

Never sleep with wet hair

silky hair

Dry your hair well before going to sleep, since rubbing with the pillow damages the smoothing effect, and can modify its structure. That is, the folds will be marked.

Avoid the beach and the pool

We are sorry if in the summer you become a mermaid: maybe this year you should pass these activities. The chlorine in the pool wears the products of the progressive in the hair, and the same happens with the salt present in the water of evil. That’s why, if you go, avoid wetting your hair. The more time spent in the water, the more the effect will wear out. The sun can also damage your hair, but you can protect it with special products with the solar factor.

Cut it

silky hair

If you want to keep the effect for longer, avoid that your tips look dry. That is why it is recommended that you go to the hairdresser every two months or less when you begin to notice that it looks neglected.