Facts about SEO to talk through with your Web Professional

Designing and building a website really is something that should be left to the professionals for many reasons. One such reason is their ability to either ensure that your website is built with SEO in mind or to have access to SEO professionals who will ensure that your website is optimised to rank highly in the search engine results. https://www.elevateuk.com/ are a London Professional SEO services company who know more than their fair share about all things SEO.

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Here are a few things that you may want to include in your discussions:

  • It is important to make sure that all of the SEO work that you do covers both on-page and off-page work. The percentages are thought to be around 75 percent as off-page work and 25 percent as on-page work. Both pieces of work involve including the relevant words that you are hoping to rank for in the search engine results. But this inclusion must be naturally written into any content whether this is on-page work such as blogs and website content or off-page work such as link articles. It is equally important that the articles are written well and are interesting to read.
  • It is thought that around 91 percent of people check out a company by looking at their website and some of this will be done by searching for the product or service that you offer by typing into a search engine such as Google. Most people won’t look past the first page of results and almost everyone will stop by the time that they get to the end of page three. This is why it is important that you value the importance of SEO as it is the mechanisms behind this that will enable your website to rank higher in the results and mean that more people can see you site and hopefully visit your website and convert across to a paying client or customer. Other statistics indicate that the top five results in search engine results (ignoring the paid adverts at the top of the list) will receive around 75 percent of the all the website clicks for the search term entered.

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  • SEO is not something that you just dip into for a few weeks. The power that you get by consistently posting articles is cumulative and so it is something that you need to set a budget aside for and consult with an SEO professional to draw up a dedicated plan over a few months before reviewing and adjusting as necessary.

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