5 ecological inventions for the preservation of the environment

5 ecological inventions for the preservation of the environment

Ecological inventions- The misuse of technologies has generated innumerable challenges for sustainability and the conservation of the environment. Paradoxically, today’s industrial and commercial development , the largest in our history , has put the Earth’s balance at risk . This is one of the problems that most worries parents. Possibly on more than one occasion you will have considered what kind of future awaits the children of your family environment. Is it like that?

The environmental challenges we face are not minor and should be taken seriously. That is why rapid and effective solutions are urgent. In this post we invite you to know them and we propose some solutions that you can apply in your own home . Take good note!

The challenge of climate change ecological inventions

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Let’s talk about the most serious of all,  climate change , which is reflected not only in the increase of temperatures and the alteration of natural cycles , but also in the difficulties of peasant families to carry out their work. And this situation inevitably affects the most defenseless people, the sons and daughters of these families.

Climate change and poverty

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Did you know that climate change is one of the main causes of poverty in the world? Each year, millions of people flee their places of residence due to drought, deforestation and scarcity of natural resources, which are the perfect breeding ground for social inequality , food crises and wars. Can you imagine how the lack of drinking water or the lack of food would affect the lives of your family or your friends?

Joint commitment to face this phenomenon

Governments, institutions, authorities, agencies and the general public must assume a more active role in this regard. It is necessary to deploy all the resources that are within our reach to stop challenges such as climate change , scarcity of natural resources and pollution .

Here are some tips to begin to turn the problem around. You will see that all is not lost!

Technology as an ally: some ecological inventions

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Well used, technology can become the great ally of environmental conservation. In fact, there are more and more professionals from different fields of science who specialize in the design of specific solutions. But that … what is translated?

Essentially, the objective of these projects is to mitigate the impact of human action on the environment. They are creative inventions and easy to apply. Let’s review some of the most innovative in various parts of the world.

5 surprising ecological inventions

ecological inventions for the preservation of the environment

Impressions with coffee

In South Korea, an engineer committed to reducing global pollution devised a unique method of document printing. Instead of using traditional chemicals and dyes, your printer uses the remains of the coffee to set the contents on the paper. This initiative can be of great help to reduce the manufacture of chemicals of this type and, at the same time, the use of traditional printer cartridges . What we do not know is if the coffee he used was Fair Trade!

Furniture made with old newspapers

The technique, dubbed ” Thousandth “, has been developed by a Dutch furniture brand that processes the old newspaper until it becomes an ideal compact material for the construction of pieces, which from a distance do not differ in any way from the wood traditional. If it becomes popular, it would be a viable alternative to stop deforestation and its effects. That would be great news!

Bag converted to oil

It is a machine that converts plastic bags into oil , which, in turn, can be reused as fuel. The device generates one liter of oil per kilo of plastic bags and, despite its high cost, expects to be projected as an alternative to reduce contamination by fuels in the world . The idea has been developed by a Japanese company. Remember that plastic is one of the materials that takes longer to decompose, so we want this initiative to prosper!

Solar mobile phones

Mobile phones, especially smart phones, consume a lot of electricity when recharged almost daily. To break this trend, the German Fraudster institute has developed a phone with built-in solar panels, which means it can be recharged by exposing two or three hours to sunlight. If the initiative is extended, the challenge will be to modify the habits of the users, who usually recharge their cell phone at night. This will contribute to the saving of electrical energy and the use of less resources in its production. We will get it?


Smoking is one of the most polluting actions that exist. Not only by the amount of smoke it causes, but by the cigarette butts, which take about fifteen years to decompose. Currently, several companies are working on the design of a cigarette made with biodegradable filters and inside which there are seeds of wild flowers, which guarantees its degradation in just a few weeks. The pollution of the air and the environments is one of the main causes of the displacement of thousands of people in the world every year. Worth it!

No, they are not examples of a science fiction movie, they are real inventions that, if implemented in our daily life, would contribute to improving the state of the planet  and, therefore, guarantee our well-being.

While we wait for you, remember that there are hundreds of daily actions that you can do without hardly realizing it to reduce your environmental footprint.

For example:

To inculcate environmental care in your children you can consult the contents of the free guide Crafts for boys and girls.

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From Oxford Inter month we love to provide you with information or advice that will help you in your day to day and make your home a 100% sustainable place. But we also like to listen to you. Do you tell us yours?

With families like yours, who choose to live more respectfully, it is possible to protect natural resources for future generations or mitigate the effects of climate change. Thanks for being responsible!