Creating a Pleasant and Comfortable Office Environment

Going back to the office is something that many people are doing now, as we get back to normal after the pandemic. Working in an office is something that many people do, but after working at home getting back into that office environment can be harder for some than others, so getting the office feeling a more pleasant place to be is a good way to help people get back to work and to make the transition a more positive one.

Encouraging and creating a more positive office environment is also a good thing to do long term anyway, as staff who are happy will also be more productive, and staff turnover will generally be lower. So here are some ways that you can make the office environment more appealing…

Add Some Greenery – Plants are renowned for their relaxing effects, and there are so many plants that will be right at home in an office. Indoor plants can thrive in an office environment, and they also have a calming effect on people around them. Having plenty of greenery surrounding you also takes away the very un-natural environment of an office and helps to ground and connect with nature. Plants like indoor ferns, spider plants and snake plants are all easy to care for and perfect office plants.

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Let in the Light – Particularly in the winter months, low lighting can make a really big difference to people’s mood. As the winter days are short and often overcast, there is much less natural light to be had. If the office does not get much natural light, it is a good idea to get some daylight bulbs – bulbs that actually replicate daylight. These can help raise spirits, boost mood and increase productivity. Use light and bright colours too to open up the area and reflect as much light as possible. Make the most of any natural lighting that you can get into the office and work with what you have to make it a bright and airy feeling space, especially in the winter.

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Make it Comfortable – Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable whilst they are working, so comfort is key when it comes to creating the ideal office space. Environmental comforts are great such as getting air conditioning installed by a professional like this air conditioning Gloucester based company Ace Comfort Cooling. Being able to reduce the heat in the summer and be warm enough in winter is important.

It is also a good idea to look at the furniture in the office, in particular the chairs, as so long is spent sitting in chairs in an average day at the office, getting chairs that have good back support and provide a good level of comfort is a great way to make the office a more pleasant place to be.

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