Can children play outside again?

The last few years have been difficult for all of us, but none more so than for children.  Unable to go out and play in open spaces has meant that their development has been severely  curtailed.  Not only that, they’ve also been denied quite a lot of fun!  In this day and age of concern over childhood obesity, lockdowns and the natural fear that parents have surrounding children playing Outdoors, has combined to present us with something of a problem.  Is it time to let children play outside again?  From a covid perspective there is now seen as being little to no danger.  Society’s view is of children and their safety however is a different problem to address.

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Social attitudes towards children playing outside, or even being alone without adult supervision, is very different than in the 1970s and the 1980s.  Events in the 1990s have begun to have an effect on our opinions.  The general safety of playgrounds was also seen as being something of an issue.  Many were still based on old Victorian wrought Ironworks and surfaces were little more than rough concrete.

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Modern  settings such as the Playgrounds Cheltenham has to offer  something markedly different than what we’ve had before. Designed by companies like Greenfields you can see how much different and  what a better approach there is now on how a playground can be constructed. The emphasis is on strong physical and collaborative play but in a completely safe and secure environment so that there are no injuries or ongoing arguments.

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