How To Become Support Worker

Support workers and those who work in Gloucester Support Worker Jobs like the ones that are shown at have a very rewarding role and it is an industry that lots of people look to moving into. There are a number of different ways that you can become a support worker or undertake another role in the care industry.

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Some people may choose to undertake their training whilst they work, such as through apprenticeships and others may study for qualifications that can then lead to a job in the industry. There are a number of qualifications and skills that are commonly needed and these can include:

  • Good literacy and numeracy skills, which for some roles may require a grade C in English and Maths.
  • BTEC qualifications may be needed for some roles and these are often studied in school or college. In some circumstances these can be undertaken before taking on a job or they can be studied alongside a job in care.
  • Personal skills that are often needed include customer service skills as well as patience, good communication skills and an ability to multitask.

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In some circumstances there may also be the need for additional training to be undertaken for you to carry out your chosen roles. This could include looking at administering medication as well as how to lift patients correctly and safely.

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