What to do before starting building work

When you want to build a new property, convert an existing one or add an extension onto your family home, you’ll want to know what steps to take. The very first step should be planning ahead. You will want to create a wishlist, narrow it down so you can identify your goals and calculate a realistic budget.

Seeking the correct permissions is the next step. You will need to find out if planning permission is required for your project and that you will meet the required building regulations. For those dealing with a conservation area or listed property, the local planning authority should be consulted.

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Understanding who you will be working with is an important next step. If you require planning permission, you will be working with construction officials and professionals who will help to ensure you have the right approvals. This might include planning officers or conservation officers, for example.

Hiring the best contractors for the building work will also take some time and effort. You will want to check references, read reviews of Builders Bristol and even visit some of their previous projects to make the best choice. For Builders Bristol, contact Mogford Prescott.

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Consulting with your neighbours is a good idea and this should ideally be done before permissions are sought. This might reduce any possible objections resulting in delays and additional costs to your project. It is polite to inform them of any disruption that might occur and provide them with adequate notice.

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