Garden Maintenance to Protect your Home and Garden from Bad Winter Weather

At this time of the year, the garden is not really something that we give too much thought to. However, although we may not want to spend much time out in the garden, there are lots of garden maintenance jobs that you can do to keep your garden at its best throughout the winter, so that come the spring you can start to enjoy it once again.

Doing this garden maintenance now also helps to keep your home and garden safe. Here are some of the things to be aware of…

Damage to Fences and Sheds – Bad weather in the winter, especially strong winds can cause sheds and fences to become damaged. Now is the time to get a professional like this fencing Gloucester based company to come and make repairs to any areas of the fence that may be damaged.

Check sheds, especially the roofs, as not only will the damage make them easier for burglars to get into, but it could mean that water gets in causing damage to the things stored inside.

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Check your Hose Pipe – This might seem a strange one but there is logic behind it. Make sure that your hose pipe is disconnected before the cold weather sets in. When the water freezes that is left in the hose it could cause your pipes to freeze up.

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Garden Furniture – Garden furniture should be stored away in a shed or garage, or if that is not possible cover it and tie it down to protect it from the bad weather.

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