The Evolution of the Traditional Flat Cap

Fashion tends to come in and out, and hats are no exception to this. One of the most enduring hats however, that has stuck around for a long time is the flat cap. Although the TV show Peaky Blinders prompted a surge in popularity for the traditional flat cap, the Irish cap like this has been around a long time and is not something borne out of fashion but from practicality.

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Flat caps are something that has been around for centuries. In fact, it was during the 16th Century that these caps were first recorded, and came about from a rule at the time stating that men must wear a cap on a Sunday that was made of wool. This was to ensure that the wool trade, an important part of the economy in the UK at the time, was well sustained.

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Although this law wasn’t around for long, the traditional flat cap remained a popular item of clothing for the working man. Being able to keep the head warm, yet easily fold the cap up and put it into a pocket when it was not in use, was something that was appealing to people who were working in often physically demanding jobs and wanted something that was practical.

Nowadays, the flat cap is more a fashion item, however, you will still find it being worn by those who enjoy country pursuits, as the fact remains it is still one of the most useful items of headgear that you can have.

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