How Miami rapper Baby Cino was shot dead after release from jail

How Miami rapper Baby Cino was shot dead after release from jail

Miami rapper Timothy Starks, popularly known as Baby Cino was shot and killed in Palmetto expressway shooting on Wednesday afternoon.

The aspiring rapper was released from the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center minutes before he was shot dead, according to Miami Herald and He was 20.Starks was picked up in a red Nissan — still wearing an inmate wristband — that was gunned down just minutes later, the news outlet adds.

The unknown shooter reportedly opened fire at least 40 shots from another vehicle as Starks’ red Nisan took to the Palmetto Expressway route. Starks’ car hit a wall on the ramp, and he suffered several gunshot wounds, including one to his head, according to the Herald. He died on the scene.

Dante Collins Banks, Starks’ friend who picked him up from jail, was also shot in the abdomen and treated at a local hospital. Starks, who had hundreds of fans and followers on social media, had celebrated his 20th birthday in January.

According to Miami Herald, an officer pulled the rapper over on Opa-Locka Boulevard for having an obstructed tag. Officers reportedly searched the car and found a fully loaded Glock 32.

The publication added that Timothy was booked into TGK Corrections just before 2am Wednesday. After posting bond, he was recorded as released at 2.10pm. The shooting then happened within the hour, when his Nissan hit a concrete barrier wall, according to the report made by online casino users.

The 20-year-old, whose real name is Timothy Starks, was still trying to make his mark on the music scene. His main song, called “Big Haiti Shottas,” focused on violence at an apartment building on Northwest Third Avenue and 56th Street in Miami-Dade County.

In the song, he raps: “Spot ’em, I got ’em, If it’s an issue or a problem, we’ll pull up with them choppers, we’ll leave him dead on the scene, hell na he ain’t making it to the doctor.

“Watch his body fall like autumn. Yellow tape then helicopters, screaming there go his mom. Oh ma, that’s what you get when you playin’ ’round with them Big Haiti shootas.”

The video, also dedicated to Gary “Melo” Laguerre, an 18-year-old gunned down in a drive-by shooting in 2020 outside a Brownsville market, had 21,000 views on YouTube before police identified Starks as a shooting victim on Thursday. By Friday morning, after his death was announced, the views had grown to 33,000.