Six unusual items delivered by couriers

Six unusual items delivered by couriers

Most of us are used to receiving packages from couriers from our favourite online retailers, from friends and relatives, and even groceries; however some couriers have the job of delivering some more unusual items!

Whether a same day courier Sheffield or a long-distance service in Australia, here are some examples of unusual things couriers can deliver:

Blood and organs

Some specialist couriers do the vital job of delivering rare blood types or organs to sick people in hospital; for example, if an organ becomes available in one hospital and a potential match is in another hospital awaiting a transplant, using an ambulance wouldn’t be the best use of resources. This is why special motorcycle couriers have the job of delivering organs and blood, no doubt saving lives in the process.

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Are you moving to another country? Pets sometimes have to stay in quarantine and later join you at your location. Alternatively, with the demand for puppies and kittens, it may make more sense for some new pet parents to have their new addition to the family couriered to them rather than travel the length of the country. You could consider a same day courier Sheffield for this.

Priceless art

Some art is so valuable that specialist courier companies have proliferated that only deliver fine art. They sometimes even have armed guards!

A suffragette

In 1909, two suffragettes sent themselves to No 10 Downing Street as a protest. They were perhaps inspired by W Reginald Bray, who in 1900 became the first person to mail himself in the post, attracting the wrath of the UK postal authorities.


Of the many trends coming from social media, a rather macabre one is the growing trade in human skulls. Anyone who is considering this should discuss it with their courier and check the local laws in advance.

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Delivering plants has become less unusual since the internet shopping boom and increasingly common since the lockdowns; however, rare plants or plants delivered to or from abroad have to go through rigorous checks on their journey.

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