Top 5 business ideas for Christmas

Top 5 business ideas for Christmas

 Business ideas for Christmas The Christmas season is usually characterized by the high demand for various products and services. In this time people seem willing to buy everything that allows them to spend a good Christmas, and they do not seem to have any qualms about paying anything for it.

So this time is also a good time to start a business that allows us to earn extra money or, why not, one that has such a good reception that after making some changes we can generate income throughout the year.

The following are 5 business ideas for Christmas conducive to take advantage of the Christmas season and, before requiring a good investment, require a little ingenuity and creativity. Keep reading profitable small farm ideas.

Business ideas for Christmas: Preparation and sale of Christmas baskets

best business ideas for Christmas

The Christmas baskets are very required at this time, especially by companies that have the good habit of entertaining their workers every year.

For the elaboration of the Christmas baskets it is only a question of getting the necessary supplies to shape the structures and then fill them with good quality consumer products, trying to give the final result a unique and attractive design that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the others.

While for the sale of the baskets we could send to design brochures or catalogs that include images of them, and where we highlight the home delivery service. And then distribute them to the public, which could be made up mainly of companies.

Christmas decoration

Today people no longer have time to decorate their homes or work centers with the usual Christmas motifs, so another good business for Christmas is one where we provide the Christmas decoration service.

This service could include the assembly of the tree and the Christmas birth, the decoration of facades, windows and walls with light bulbs or colored lights, crowns and garlands, and the setting of candles and other Christmas decorations.

To offer this service is not necessary to be professionals or experts in decoration, but simply enough that we are creative and enjoy doing what we like to do every year.

Development and sale of Christmas cards

top business ideas for Christmas

Another business conducive to the Christmas season is one dedicated to the development and sale of Christmas cards, which are also quite required at this time. For the elaboration of the cards we could use computer programs that help us with the graphic design, and then send them to print to a printing press. Or, in any case, we could elaborate them by hand, painting them by hand or using different ornamental materials.

Once we have original and attractive cards, we could offer them directly to the public through a small sales point, to companies to give them to their workers, or to intermediary businesses that are responsible for selling them to the final consumer.

Preparation of Christmas dinners

Another ideal business for Christmas is one where we offer the service of preparation of Christmas dinners, which we would prepare in our own home, and then we would take them to the client’s house or premises.

The Christmas dinners that we prepare would be based on the traditional turkey (although we could offer other alternatives to it such as pork and lamb), and would include mashed potatoes, salads, nuts and other typical foods of these dates.

If we get to prepare good dinners and deliver them on time, we could create a good image that allows us to continue with the business throughout the year, no longer providing Christmas dinners but other types of meals for other festive dates or for any other occasion.

Purchase and sale of Christmas items

top business ideas for Christmas

 Another business that usually has a good performance during the Christmas season is one dedicated to the purchase and sale of Christmas items.

These items could be made up of Christmas trees, Christmas balls, colored lights, ornaments, candles, cards, costumes, etc., which we could buy in wholesale markets or buy directly from the manufacturers.

As for the sale of the items, we could set up a small sales point in a market or shopping center, or sell them online through our own online store or simply in a marketplace that allows us to sell this type of product.

How to decorate a business for Christmas

top business ideas for Christmas

Christmas is one of the times of the year where businesses have greater benefits . In some cases it is an extra that comes very well, and in others it is the economic salvation of the year. In any case you will want many happy customers, so today we will see how to decorate a business for Christmas that will increase your income.

The entrance has to be a magnet

In bars and shops especially, the entrance has to be a magnet that attracts the gaze of people passing by . You do not have to turn it into a fair, but it has to be striking.

Use lights, and if you can follow the decoration of the Christmas tree 2018 with its snow and gifts on the floor. The ideal is to do it in the shop window, but not if you can try to get the town hall to give you permission to put it on the street. This is step number 1, if customers do not enter you will not sell.

If you have a store it is important that the lights remain in the entrance. Once inside they would distract the attention of the clients and what you are interested in is to focus your attention on the products you sell, the decoration has to be a sales stimulus, not a show.

The interior has to overflow Christmas spirit

It is shown by several marketing studies that when people immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit they spend more money . Christmas is pure nostalgia, and nostalgia transports us to times where everything was better and easier.

At that moment, areas of the brain that make us feel good are activated, the emotional part overlaps the rational and leads us to buy more things than we had thought.

You can decorate the interior with wrapped boxes as if they were gifts . If your business is high standing, use high quality paper with metallic colors. If your business is a simple neighborhood store, use brightly colored papers that make customers happy.

Do not put old or worn decorations, the decoration has to give a feeling of abundance, nobody wants to buy in a decadent place.

It is essential to buy a leafy Christmas tree and turn it into the center of all eyes. A well decorated tree with gifts wrapping your feet is beautiful.

The idea is that the interior is beautiful, you can decorate it as you want, we all know what Christmas decoration is like, and if not, you just have to go to large shopping centers to copy them.

Use the senses to submerge them in your world

This point is related to the previous one, the sense of sight, but now we are going to talk about hearing and smell , because when they enter your business they have to be transported to your Christmas world.

Play Christmas carols and cheerful music . If your customers are going to be in your place for a long time do not bore them always with the same, a little variety is fine. You can combine old and new Christmas carols and give small breaks by playing cheerful music that does not sound so much like Christmas.

Smell is one of the senses with the most activation potential. You can put aromas typical of your area, like the smell of roasted chestnuts, the smell of fresh pines, the smell of homemade broth, the smell of something typical that you smelled when your customers were small.

Summary on how to decorate a business at Christmas

As you have seen, this article has distanced itself from the typical advice that everyone gives, and has focused on explaining tricks to make your client more eager to buy.

The trends change every year, each business is different and each geographical area has its customs. To know how to decorate your premises is as easy as copying to large shopping centers adapting your budget.

Take advantage: Business ideas for Christmas

discover business ideas for Christmas

A gift to congratulate Christmas

Christmas is the time to give for excellence. And what better way to brighten the holidays to your customers than giving away prizes: money, hams, baskets, services, products … Surely any gift or raffle you make will be more than well received by your current customers, potential customers, suppliers, etc.

 A game to congratulate the holidays

Another interesting way to congratulate the parties is through a game. In this way, you make the person who is congratulated interact with your brand, your company, etc. and make it easier to emphasize with her and remember her. In addition, you get your suppliers, customers, friends, etc. have fun, leaving a very positive memory of the brand and, hopefully, even your game can go viral. Here is an example of a game we made a few years ago to congratulate Christmas, the Free Santa game , and that, although on an aesthetic level you can already see that it will be 3 years old, as an idea it is still the most effective.

A song to congratulate Christmas

Another option is to create a song among the workers of the company to congratulate Christmas. Undoubtedly, and above all if the workers of your company sing well or if you manage to make a song in an original way, as in these examples of sung Christmas cards , you will surely get a smile from your suppliers and customers.

An app to congratulate Christmas

Another good option may be to make a specific mobile application that helps you relate your brand with a Christmas card. In this case, the more you can relate your brand to the function of the app and the more successful congratulation you will have.

A landing page or an exclusive website to congratulate Christmas

Because why will you settle for an interactive postcard or e-mail if you can dedicate a complete website to congratulate your customers, suppliers, friends … A good example is the Collarbone A website that we also made some years ago and that allowed any Internet user to dedicate his message of good vibes to their loved ones.

Finally, as you can see, there are many personalized Christmas greetings options that will help you captivate your customers, suppliers, etc. That is, keep in mind that you must work with a good marketing, design and advertising agency to help you find and develop the most appropriate greeting business ideas for Christmas of your company.

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