Beauty tips to achieve the perfect Christmas look

Beauty tips to achieve the perfect Christmas look

Perfect Christmas look– The holidays are a perfect reason to pamper us more than normal and dare to look sensational. We have to take into account that the outfit and accessories are extremely important, however, who plays an important role is the makeup, so, together with Flimflammed we will give you the basic beauty tips to achieve a perfect Christmas look.

Best beauty tips the perfect Christmas look

the perfect Christmas look


Before applying them to the face you should verify that both cosmetics are of a tone similar to your skin so that it seems a little more natural. With a sponge, preferably a little wet, we spread the base on our face and seal this layer with the compact powders using a brush. This first step takes less than 3 minutes and will help us to disguise the facial shine and imperfections.


The second step is to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes. For this you will only need a mascara and an eyeliner. The mascara will give depth to your eyes, a tip to lengthen your lashes more is to apply it in zigzag movements. Then, according to the line of your eyes, apply the outline.


After defining the look of your look, apply a lipstick or gloss according to your preference. If you used a downy eyeliner on the eyes, you should apply a soft lipstick in basic tones or nude on the lips, to generate balance. On the other hand, if you decided to use the brush tip eyeliner, highlight your lips with an intense tone or a shine.


This step is optional, if you want you can apply shadows to mark the look . The tone of the palette you choose will depend on your outfit of the day, in addition to the lip color you decide to use. One recommendation is to use cream shades as they stick to the mobile eyelid longer, allowing your makeup to last all night.


To give life to our cheekbones we can apply a blush in natural tones according to our skin. A basic pink or some bronze tone according to each type of face. It can be applied by blurring the blush from the jaw and stopping at the middle of the cheekbone, in a very measured way so that it looks natural. Keep reading Your beauty is worth the investment of time and money

The perfect Christmas look. Skin and metal

best perfect Christmas look

A very feminine garment

In the first place, we should highlight a basic, feminine garment that never goes out of style. This garment is the dress. It does not matter the fabric, the color or the print that is, because you will always guess right. A nice option is to bet on a red, burgundy or black dress. Which are some of the most typical colors and which best go for this time of year.

In addition, the dresses are a very stylish and flattering garment. They emphasize femininity. A good option to combine a dress would be high heels and a midi coat. The sociable detail of the look is in the choice of an original bag like those in the “minerals” collection that the artist Anna Ta lens designed for Indonesian. This option is a safe bet, to succeed in Christmas events.

Basic and successful

The pants are a very abominable garment. During this time of events you can always find a perfect combination with them. Betting on a look where the main item is pants is also a good option.

For these parties you can combine black pants with a silk blouse. In this way you will achieve a perfect and basic Christmas look.

The perfect fabric

For these dates an outfit  based on velvet fabric is a fabulous choice. Velvet is a more warm and elegant fabric than any other. For the winter, dressing this fabric is a success.

You can choose a jacket in any color, a pair of trousers, a dress or even a jacket and trouser set. If you bet on the velvet you will give a touch of glamour to your Christmas look .

Accessories the key to all looks

An accessory for a party ensemble are the accessories. The accessories always make a simple look stand out. In these accessory dates such as earrings and rings get it to stand out. Also this season the original and striking earrings are trend.

There are two garments that are necessary in any outfits . The bags and shoes are two necessary complements to create a great Christmas look . The heels stylize and will always give an elegant touch to the chosen set. The bags can make a look stand out from all the others. Find a special bag and succeed. Bags minerals of this supplement Indonesian are getting your Christmas look shine by itself.

The minerals collection is formed by a series of leather bags designed by the artist Anna Ta lens. This limited collection of 161 units is inspired by the Japanese technique Skintight. It is a collection of bags in metallic tones perfect for these holidays. There are several shades but all stand out for their metallic appearance.

Perfect Christmas look for men’s

achieve the perfect Christmas look

Today we bring to the blog some looks of man that we have thought for this Christmas , in this first delivery we present the most casual or casual perfect Christmas looks for men. Perfect to go out with friends, to take during the day or in more informal events.

We have thought of combinations of colors such as red and green , for being very representative colors of these dates, combined with gray as no color and we have introduced the cowboy as a more casual as well as neutral element. As is customary in our men’s looks, we use natural raw materials, such as cotton and wool, to keep warm and comfortable. This first look inside out consists of shirt and jersey 100% cotton, American red and gray wool coat both 100%.

Ways to get makeup perfect Christmas look

top perfect Christmas look

Surely for these days, you will already have in your agenda more than one party, meeting or celebration, so yes or yes, you have to look impact on each and every one of them. Of course, clothing is one of the key elements, but obviously makeup plays a key role if you want an incredible look . So take note and apply the following tips to get a perfect makeup this Christmas.

Hydrate the skin

Remember that the most important thing is to have super hydrated skin; that’s why you should apply a serum and cream every day according to your needs and skin type. Do not forget that drinking water is also key so that the largest organ of your body is always bright and radiant.

Use the right tones

Yes, during the winter season we recommend that you choose colors that go according to these days. Navy blue, red or dark tones will always be appropriate. Mainly when we talk about eye shadows.

It is worth to experiment

During this season of the year the Christmas collections are a must, so do not be afraid to apply a red eyeliner or glaze with glitter, we assure you that it will always be a success.

You should only have a focus of attention

In the world of makeup less, it is always more; therefore you should only choose a point of attention , for example, if you will take some shades in navy blue, then the ideal would be that you opt for a nude color lipstick; In case you want red lips the option would be to wear shades in vanilla.

Do not forget to seal

Usually holiday celebrations last a few hours, so if you want your makeup to last intact all the time you must seal it. The most effective way to achieve this is with a little translucent powder . Apply it with a tassel or a special powder brush and finally fix it with thermal water or a makeup fixative.

Silver makeup

Silver is one of the favorite colors of the season. Dare to add it in your makeup for this Christmas. For the eyes bet on gray shades, white, black and silver. Shine your face with illumination, especially on the outside of the lachrymal, nose, forehead and temples.

For lips you can choose red or pink lipstick. For nails nothing better than a silver enamel. Complement your look with silver accessories.

Golden makeup

Do not hesitate to use golden shades and brown for this Christmas. The golden tones in the eyelids give a lot to your eyes. To complete do not forget to use mascara and outline your eyes. You can challenge for the delineated cat for a more sophisticated look.

Apply blush in copper tones to give more color to your makeup. The lips of paint them in natural or brown color. If you are inspired by the golden tones to make up, do not forget to paint your nails in the same color range.

Makeup in blue

 Bet on eye shadows in pearl white and blue colors. Use light colors on the eyelid and darker colors on the upper part of the eyelid and on the sides. In the same way you can use blue eyeliner in the lower part of your eye. Since blue is a very striking color do not abuse in the rest of your makeup. Nude or pink lips will look perfect. Do not forget to use a little gloss to make them look more striking.

Finally, on Christmas night we wish to be dazzling. Make up for a special occasion does not mean to go recharged, but you can achieve impress with a natural look with special touches. The first and essential thing is to have perfectly clean and hydrated skin. This is something that should be usual, do not leave it alone for the appointed day, although it is true that, as the day approaches, the care should be increased. Inspire yourself in the colors of perfect Christmas look and it looks beautiful. We give you the keys to master the makeup of the time. If you have not yet thought about how to dress for Christmas, now is the ideal time to start planning what look you will wear.

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