Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

With the arrival of the long-awaited summer, we begin to make plans for a vacation, to dream how we will bask in the warm sea coast to the sound of the surf. And here comes the question of choosing the right swimsuit. For many, this becomes a real problem. And it’s not about which model and how much to choose. All experiences are reduced to one problem – the excess hair on the stomach. Dark coarse hairs on the tummy are very noticeable and cause discomfort to the owner of such undesirable vegetation. Girls, having such a problem, feel free to bare belly, wear short tops and separate swimsuits.

We propose to understand the causes of the growth of unwanted hair in women and choose the appropriate way to get rid of unattractive vegetation.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Causes of hair growth on girls abdomen

  • Perhaps the most common cause of abdominal hair growth is a genetic predisposition (heredity). You should not be surprised at the appearance of swarthy hairs for girls of oriental blood, as well as bright brunettes with dark skin. Slight black vegetation not only on the stomach but throughout the body (especially the legs, arms, armpits) is the norm for them. Removal of unwanted hair forever in girls with such heredity is almost impossible. Therefore, throughout life will have to remove hairs selected (suitable individually) method.
  • In the first weeks of pregnancy, when the adrenal glands begin to produce progesterone (the male sex hormone) with greater force, you can notice an increase in hair growth on the abdomen. The worry in this case is not worth it. This process is the norm, and a few months after giving birth, dark, hard hair begins to lighten and thin, taking on its usual state.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

  • Disorders in the endocrine system, the so-called hormonal disruptions can cause strong unexpected body hair growth. These unpleasant consequences can occur due to such diseases as ovarian dysfunction, thyroid gland (thyroid) pathology. Similar side effects from taking medications (including hormonal) drugs can also be observed. After curing diseases and stopping medication with side effects, hair growth gradually disappears by itself.

After finding out all the reasons for which there is a lot of hair on the abdomen, you can, having got acquainted with the options for getting rid of vegetation, choose the most suitable method of removal.

Ways to remove excess hair from the belly by yourself

You can remove hair from the abdomen both at home and in salons. When considering each method, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the “pluses” and “minuses” of the proposed options:

Wax (wax strips). In cosmetic stores in the free market, there is a special wax for depilation. It is heated to the desired temperature (according to the attached instructions) and applied in a warm form on the abdomen to the places of hair growth. A cloth is applied on top (wax paper), which remains until it hardens. After a few minutes, a sharp movement should remove the fabric (against hair growth!).

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

The advantage of this method is the low cost of material for depilation. Negative points: during removal, only long hairs are removed. Shorter hairs are not captured and remain. With a sharp pulling, you may feel unexpected severe pain. Therefore, for people with a high threshold of sensitivity, the use of wax strips is not desirable.

Tweezers (tweezers for eyebrows). Pulling out a few hairs with tweezers is not difficult, but if there is a lot of hair, it will be problematic to get rid of them in this way (time-consuming and painful). After removing excess hair with tweezers, the newly grown hairs become coarser and darker.

A razor is the most common, but not the best way to get rid of hair. This budget option, though used most often, has several drawbacks. Hair after shaving grow back very quickly, so this procedure will have to be repeated almost daily. The skin at the cutting point loses its elasticity and smoothness.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Depilatory cream. The use of depilation cream in the abdomen is painless and fairly quick in time way to remove black hair from the abdomen. The only disadvantage of this method can be identified as individual intolerance and allergic reactions to the components that make up the cream.

Household epilators can permanently get rid of hair, but there is a possibility of subsequent irritation and in the growth of hairs under the skin, the appearance of small pustules.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

To discolor hair at home, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide. This method is allowed for pregnant women since there are practically no side effects (unless an individual intolerance to hydrogen peroxide). Hair, in this case, is not removed, but only become invisible.

Salon procedures

In specialized salons and health and beauty centers, you may be offered the following ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation:

  • sugaring;
  • waxing
  • photoepilation;
  • laser method.

Sugaring and bio-epilation with resin are performed by experienced specialists. It is possible to get rid of excess hair in an unnecessary place for a long time (up to a month), which is especially suitable for those who go on vacation and do not want to be distracted and waste time on additional procedures.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Waxing (warm or cold to choose from) is a very painful, but effective method. You can remove excess hair in this way only if they are branches of sufficient length and there is an opportunity to hook them during the procedure.

Photoepilation is a painless way to permanently strangle hair. With the help of special equipment during hair removal the hair bulb collapses, the hairs fall out and no longer grow. The disadvantage of this method is its high price, as well as the need to repeat the course for uniform hair removal.

Removal using a laser can only be carried out in salons, in which the cost of procedures is too high. Get rid of excess hair in this way can be for several years. After exposure to a laser, the hairs remain in place for some time (up to two weeks) and only then die off and fall out.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Folk recipes to help remove hair from the belly

In addition to conventional methods, there are folk methods based on vegetable raw materials.

Walnut Shell Ointment

Take the shell of a ripe walnut, burn it to the ashes. Place the ashes in a small jar of cream (deep bowl) and dilute with a small amount of hot water. You should get a paste of thick consistency, which will not spread. Leave the jar in a dark place for a day. Apply the resulting product on problem areas and rub a little. Excess hair after such a procedure should fall off and continue to grow much more slowly.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

Castor solution

To prepare the product, it is necessary to mix 10 parts of castor oil, 7 parts of alcohol, 4 parts of ammonia and 3 parts of iodine. Already after a few hours, the solution will become almost colorless. That’s when you can use it: apply on regrown hairs 2-3 times a day. After 2 weeks, the effect will be achieved.

Herbal Mix with Lime

Take 50 g of milkweed juice and 25 g of aloe (agave) juice, mix with 25 g of lime. After a few hours, apply the resulting gruel on the abdomen to the place of hair growth and leave for 10-15 minutes. After using this product, lubricate the area with a moisturizing cream.

Getting Rid Of Excess Hair On The Abdomen

All of these methods are illustrative. Before using any of them, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and consult with a doctor who can answer why excess hair growth in the abdominal.

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