How To Clean Your Rental Car For A Hassle-Free Return

How To Clean Your Rental Car For A Hassle-Free Return

Hiring a car is a great way to see the best of what your holiday destination has to offer. Whether you’re driving to the best beaches, exploring national parks or taking in the cities, using a car lets you travel further afield and make the most of your trip.

However, the last thing you want is to return the vehicle and be caught by surprise fees. Here’s our guide to cleaning your car for a hassle-free return.

Remove Rubbish from the Vehicle

If you take your hire car back and it is full of rubbish, it gives the impression that it hasn’t been well cared for. Whether it is empty food packets or drink containers, ensure you remove all of them before returning your car. Make sure you check all the different compartments, as it is easy to overlook small items in these places.

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Clean Floor Mats

If you have been to the beach, or out walking in nature, the floor mats in your vehicle are likely to have dirt and debris on them. Make sure to shake off the dirt outside, or if it is very dirty use a vacuum at a garage, to make your return hassle-free.

Clean Windows

It’s essential to have clean windows for safe driving, so aim to return your car in the same condition as you received it. According to Home Made Simple,it is best to clean windows in a shady spot, otherwise, your cleaning solution will evaporate before it has time to do its job.

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If there is something wrong with your car when you return it, you may be required to pay an excess fee. This can vary depending on the rental company. To avoid paying over the odds, it is a good idea to take out car hire excess insurance cover before renting a vehicle. More information about the types of cover available can be found from a specialist like
Returning your vehicle needn’t be a hassle. Follow these top cleaning tips and you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.