Ancient Egyptians – early forms of drainage

When we think of the Ancient Egyptians we often think of lavish eye makeup, hieroglyphics and beautiful temples and pyramids, however they also developed very early drainage systems. Although they would not have had the capacity to be able to clean and repair these, like we do today with Drainage Cleaning companies like, they were incredibly effective.

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They used clay pipes that were made up of a straw and clay combination to line their sewers. This mixture was dried in the sun and then baked in ovens until it hardened. Over time they further perfected this pipe system which enabled them to drain the Nile valley areas which were low lying and often flooded. This allowed them to turn these areas into much more fertile lands that would allow them to grow more crops. It is thought that this then enabled their civilisations to grow further and improved the health of their people.

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Water played such an important role in their religious ceremonies and the rituals of purification, which is what drove them to develop systems that allowed for the clean water to be brought to the pyramids and temples and for the used, unclean water to be taken away. It was also used as a part of the death and burial rituals which is why simple pipeworks were found in the excavation of tombs, particularly those tombs that were used for the burial of kings.

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