Kratom cultivating countries

Kratom is Southeast Asian specie which is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. In Southeast Asian people were detected its herbal power and effects a few century ago. At first they collected their necessary kratom leaf from the nearest forest. But when the time is running out the demand of kratom increasing day by day. That’s why people starting to cultivated kratom in their own lands and starting to marketed it. From then kratom and kratom products are still spreading all over the world. The most of kratom is cultivated in these four countries- Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. These countries cultivate 80-90% of kratom trees. But now kratom cultivation is spreading worldwide. So let’s know about some most kratom cultivating countries. Know more by click here.


In Thailand kratom is known as ketum and koum. Thailand got a great tropical environment. It also got perfect soil condition which is really good for the growth of kratom plants. In Thailand kratom is a part of their cultural tradition. Thai people mainly chewed kratom leaf in their leisure time. They also used to smoke dry kratom leaf. In Thailand government don’t give permission to cultivate kratom tree randomly because of its opiod effects. Only few people can cultivate kratom for special purpose.


Indonesian kratom is very popular in all over the world. The red vein bali kratom, indo kratom powder are some popular kratom products which are made from original Indonesian kratom leaf. Indonesian tropical environment is very helpful to cultivate kratom. In Indonesia kratom and kratom products are very popular. They used kratom products in their daily life to make their life easier.

Malaysia, Myanmar and other kratom cultivating countries

Malaysia and Myanmar are also the leading kratom cultivating country. Not only in Southeast Asia kratom cultivation is now spreading all over the world. Recently In some European countries kratom cultivation is already being popular. The western people really love kratom and kratom products and they starting to use kratom products. In western area people love to take kratom tea, kratom powder and kratom capsules. They realized the benefits of this herbal tree. The craze of kratom products is increasing worldwide.

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