How was Kratom discovered?

Kratom was discovered in the 19th century by the Dutch botanist Pieter Willem Korthals. He made extensive research in what was then known as the Dutch colonies of “Eastern India” – today this is Indonesia. To find more kratom information visit kratom cabin

Korthals found a tree that was held in high esteem for its multiple beneficial effects by the population of the Malay Peninsula. The flowers of this tree reminded Korthals of a bishop’s hat, the “miter”, and so he named this tree mitragyna speciosa, the “precious bishop hat like tree.” But the people of the Malay Peninsula called it Kratom, and under this name derived from the Thai language it later became famous also outside South East Asia.

In the times of Korthals, on the Malay Peninsula Kratom had long been established as the household herbal remedy of choice. Every village would at least have one Kratom tree planted somewhere in the immediate neighborhood, and the leaves were used to cure or relieve some of the most frequent maladies of the region in those days: pain, fever, diarrhea, fatigue and mental instability.

In the early 20th century big rubber plantations shot up on the Malay Peninsula to feed the growing appetite of western industries, which in exchange started the promotion of modern pharmacies and imported drugs in these places: soon quinine and opium would replace Kratom in the fight against malaria and diarrhea. But nothing would ever replace Kratom as a safe remedy against fatigue and pain.

With the introduction of money and the boom of small scale local trade Kratom would slowly also become popular as a mild recreational drug on the Malay Peninsula. Every village would soon have a little shop for consumer’s goods and pharmaceuticals, and a tea house, where people would enjoy a chat and a cup of Kratom tea to get awake before work and to relax afterwards.

So Kratom was indeed directly involved in the establishment of modern life on the Malay Peninsula: the circle of paid and organized labor and the purchase of goods and recreational services by these laborers was born with Kratom.

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