• rope training exercises
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    17 rope training exercises to work the whole body in full

    The rope training is a training method very used in Crossfit with which we can work intensively both muscle strength and tonicity and aerobic capacity. Using very thick ropes and with a considerable weight, we can perform a variety of exercises to work the whole body like the ones shown below. Although with the most basic of movements that we make we will be working many muscles of the body, the battle ropes admit infinity of variants with which we can focus the effort only on the abdomen or, on the extremities of the body. The rope training exercises to work the whole body in full Exercises for the lower…

  • Cerebral angioma
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    Cerebral angioma, how does it affect us?

    The cerebral angioma is a pathology that consists of the malformation of the blood vessels that irrigate the encephalic territory. As a general rule, angioma is a medical term that refers to a malformation or neoplasm of blood vessel cells. This causes them to have an abnormal growth, without control and very disorganized. Another denomination that also receives is that of hemangioma. On the other hand, they can appear in a large number of body regions. Normally, they develop on the skin but can also appear in other areas. If they occur in organs such as the lungs or the brain, they can have serious consequences for the patient.