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    How to make homemade muffins

    We teach you how to make homemade muffins, with the traditional recipe step by step and the recipe to prepare chocolate and mandarin muffins. Nothing more delicious than some classic muffins to accompany the breakfast, the snack or to drink at any time of the day in which we crave this traditional dessert, originally from the Lorraine region in France.

  • healthier diet
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    Decalogue to follow a healthier diet

    Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and consume extra virgin olive oil are simple measures to achieve a healthier diet. Making the decision to adopt a healthier diet is not synonymous with starving or following strict plans. Although it is necessary to make some changes, in general, it is about eating “a little bit of everything”, without falling into any extreme. Adequate nutrition is crucial to maintaining an optimal state of health and, of course, a stable weight. Although popular diets seem to work when you want to lose weight, they are not the best option to meet the body’s needs. For this reason, more and more people are…