• Autumn wedding

    Autumn wedding: advantages and disadvantages of celebrating it in this season

    Autumn is a good season to celebrate a wedding but like any time of year, it has its pros and cons. An autumn wedding, although it may not seem like it, has many more advantages than inconveniences. The weddings that are celebrated during the summer are beautiful. That nobody does doubt, but, the truth is that it is too hot. And in the spring there are many people who have allergies.

  • rope training exercises
    Health and Fitness

    17 rope training exercises to work the whole body in full

    The rope training is a training method very used in Crossfit with which we can work intensively both muscle strength and tonicity and aerobic capacity. Using very thick ropes and with a considerable weight, we can perform a variety of exercises to work the whole body like the ones shown below. Although with the most basic of movements that we make we will be working many muscles of the body, the battle ropes admit infinity of variants with which we can focus the effort only on the abdomen or, on the extremities of the body. The rope training exercises to work the whole body in full Exercises for the lower…

  • homemade muffins
    Food and Drink

    How to make homemade muffins

    We teach you how to make homemade muffins, with the traditional recipe step by step and the recipe to prepare chocolate and mandarin muffins. Nothing more delicious than some classic muffins to accompany the breakfast, the snack or to drink at any time of the day in which we crave this traditional dessert, originally from the Lorraine region in France.