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    Gift-Giving Customs around the World

    With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s the time to start thinking about buying gifts for friends and family. It’s hard enough to think of gifts to buy for those closest to you but what if you are travelling abroad and giving gifts? This requires a whole new level of cultural understanding. Some nations have specific customs and you certainly don’t want to offend. Exchanging gifts is important for businesses and colleagues to help maintain relationships. If you’ve been tasked with giving a gift in another country, here are some handy tips: Japan If someone gives you a gift in Japan, it is considered good manners to receive the gift with both…

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    Playing Netball for Children’s Health and Fitness

    We all remember playing netball, probably in our school years. In recent years with the success of the England Women’s Netball team, the sport has grown in popularity. While your children might already play netball at school, it is definitely worth pursuing outside of PE lessons. Here we take a look at six benefits of playing netball for children. Image Credit Overall Health Children should be active every day. Peeling them away from their screens can be difficult, but the joy of a team sport like netball can help. Being active for an hour a day benefits children in many ways. The Change 4 Life initiative has inspired young people…

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    ‘A Diamond is Forever’ – A History of the Engagement Ring

    The history of engagement rings can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians who gave rings as a symbol of eternity and believed that the ring should be placed on the third finger of the left hand. The reason for this tradition, that we still uphold today, is that they believed the vein – the ‘Vena amoris’ ran straight from that finger to the heart. Image Credit It was the Romans who made the practice of giving an engagement ring popular. It was usual in Roman society for the bride to be to be given two engagement rings – a gold one to be worn in public, and…

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    The influential 1960s fashion designs and their impact on the households of the UK

    The 1960s was an era of many changes and a time during which massive social change occurred. It has been credited as being one of the most influential decades in the UK’s modern history for many different reasons. Much of this social change came from the younger generations as they were one of the first to have avoided the compulsory conscription that many of the previous generations had been subjected to. Teenagers during this decade wanted to make sure that they had their voices and opinions heard and they came from parents who had fought for their freedom during the second world war and so they were desperate for their…

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    How to choose the best camera to learn photography in 2018?

    One of the most common questions asked by those who want to start learning photography is what photographic best camera to buy? Therefore, in this article, we will explain how the photographic market works, what you must take into account to decide which camera to buy and also, we will recommend some cameras that can be purchased. We will explain all this in the simplest way possible.

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    Bridal Beauty: 3 investments to become the most beautiful and lush bride

    This article we prepare for the bridal beauty for your special D Day. The day of your wedding will be one of the most transcendental of your life. A day in which you will have the leading role in every way because all eyes will be on your makeup, hairstyle, and outfit. Most likely, the choice of the dress, as well as the shoes that you will wear on that special day will take away your sleep in the previous months. Although these elections are crucial, on many occasions brides forget or leave out a very important variant, which is to take care of their integral care.